Quali Partner Program

By offering Quali Solutions to their customers, Quali Partners are able to access un-tapped revenue streams and accelerate customer transformation.

Our Partners

Technology Partners

Quali collaborates directly with technology partners to provide a seamless implementation process to enhance our customer experience.  We currently integrate and operate with the leading Infrastructure as Code (IaC) tools, CI/CD tools, AIOps, and ALM solutions. Our goal is to provide comprehensive support across the tooling ecosystem to ensure our customers see the value of our solutions from end-to-end.

Solution Resellers & System Integrators

Solution resellers and System Integrators can unlock enormous business growth by offering Quali’s CloudShell and Torque to their customer base. Our partner community includes industry leading Global and Regional SI’s and Value Added Resellers that offer solutions for Telcom, Banking/Financial Services, Retail, Manufacturing, Technology, Government sectors, and beyond.  Partners can experience faster time to customer value and gain customer loyalty by adding Quali to their technology practices.

Cloud Service Providers

Quali works with the largest cloud service providers on the globe, so Partners can land and expand their customer base no matter their customer’s cloud affinity. Torque is compatible with AWS, Microsoft Azure, GCP, and several Kubernetes distributions so you can offer simplified cloud infrastructure deployment. With Quali, our partners can grow their business by offering their customers repeatable, predictable, self-service cloud deployments enabled by blueprints built in the Torque platform.

AWS Partner Azure Partner
Spotlight: *BEACON RED*

Spotlight: BEACON RED

Quali and BEACON RED, a UAE-based Defense Company, have teamed up to offer a unique solution that enables customers to rapidly create and replicate complex environments that include a mix of virtual and physical infrastructure, built with a customer's compliance and governance standards; design and deploy robust cyber range scenarios delivered and consumed on demand; and, create secure, compliant environments to test and validate new solutions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Quali is committed to providing the valuable products, programs, training, and enablement you need to drive revenue. Our infrastructure automation solutions deliver capabilities your customers need while helping you maintain your trusted advisor status. Our attractive margins decrease your cost of sales, and our subscription-based pricing model provides a recurring revenue stream for your business. 

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Quali’s Deal Registration Program is designed to build on the relationships you have with your customers and to help you capture new opportunities with them. Once you become a partner, Deal Registration is simple and quick on Quali’s Partner Portal. 

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Quali offers several training options to help its partners gain a better understanding of our solutions and how to support them effectively. Partners have access to onsite, on-demand (Quali University), or instructor-led courses to ensure that you have in-depth, usable knowledge of Quali solutions and services. 

Contact us here to learn more.  Partner@quali.com