Addressing Risks and Optimizing How Your Teams Use Cloud Infrastructure

Infrastructure as Code (IaC) tools, such as Terraform, AWS CloudFormation, and Azure Resource Manager, have become integral to day-to-day operations for engineering and testing teams looking to meet project deadlines. 

At scale, however, IaC usage introduces new operational challenges. Managing large volumes of IaC files is difficult on its own. Operations teams often struggle to track how their teams are using IaC assets, let alone implement permissions or policies to govern usage. A skills gap exacerbates these challenges, as managing IaC tools requires highly specialized knowledge of cloud- and tool-specific code that is rare in the job market. 

As a result, many organizations face a trade-off—slow their teams down to ensure they’re following usage policies, or prioritize speed at the expense of increased risk of security breaches, lapses in regulatory compliance, and unexpected budget overruns.  

Join this virtual panel discussion to learn more about: 

  • The challenges for the operational teams responsible for ensuring governance while under pressure to meet project timelines 
  • Risks to look for related to how your teams are provisioning cloud infrastructure 
  • The automation options to optimize how your teams use IaC in the context of the environments needed to support application development 

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