Torque Talks: Terraform reusability & composability for environments

You shouldn’t need to be an expert in Terraform just to orchestrate and provision a cloud environment that leverages Terraform.

Join our Torque Talk session on Wednesday, April 3rd, to see how to break up a Terraform module into independent, re-usable building-blocks you can use to create ready-to-launch templates for your unique cloud environments.

This session will demonstrate how to:

  • Turn your IaC (and our out-of-the-box IaC) into reusable building blocks for environment design
  • Design a custom environment using these building blocks (and without writing any new code)
  • Set parameters with user-friendly forms and picklists for each infrastructure asset in your environment
  • Automatically generate a source file for your environment based on your design

To reserve your spot, submit the form to the right.

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