Accelerate Sales Cycles with Demo Environments On Demand

Deliver self-service access to demo and POC environments directly from—while maintaining centralized control over configurations and cloud costs.

Why Torque for SE Teams?


With Torque, there’s no more waiting for someone else to spin up demo environments. Its self-service catalogue gives SEs the power to spin up what they need, when they need it with just a few simple clicks. Role-based access control ensures SEs have access only to the environments they need.


Your sales team lives in your CRM. With Torque, you don’t have to master new systems. Users can launch demos straight from


Keep costs in check by automatically tearing down demo sandboxes at the conclusion of the demo, and setting consumption policies to keep costs in check.

From Gartner Peer Insights

From Gartner Peer Insights

“…The Quali platform allowed us to design complex, feature-reach lab environments for demoing and training customers, partners, and users on our View product suite…Quali delivered all that while providing an out-of-the-box slick user interface which required little to no customization, and provides an excellent user experience to our users…”

How to Accelerate Sales Cycles with Torque

To get the most out of Torque, we've compiled some of most common questions, articles, and topics from our Community. Check it out to learn more.

If product demos are an important part of your sales cycle, you want to make creating them as efficient as possible. With Torque, sales engineers can set up a demo environment quickly whenever they need it, confident that it will work as expected. Automation also helps capture knowledge and assure a consistent demo experience that is not dependent on a sales engineer’s technical expertise.

Yes! Quali blueprints can be set up with specific parameters to allow personalization of each demo environment. Sales engineers can easily access their demo environments and customize them further if needed. Using a standard environment as a starting point gives sales engineers the confidence that all demo components are available. It also frees them to focus on the personal touches that deliver value and make each demo feel tailored to their prospects, without wasting time on tedious set-up tasks.