Virtual POC​​ Software: The Fastest Way to Close More Sales​​


Accelerate your enterprise sales cycles
by 22% with sales demos-on-demand

Sales demo cloud: Deliver streamlined, secure, self-service access to sales demo/ virtual POC ​environments while reducing cloud costs.

Quali presents The Sales Demo Dilemma

Your company has a great product, and you have prospects lining up to see your application and technology in action.

There’s just one thing standing in the way of proving that the product will work for your prospect: Demo and PoC environments take way too long to design and set-up.

As you add on additional applications, services and technology building blocks to create convincing real-world demo scenarios, the environment becomes complex.

Repeated cycles have to be spent designing and orchestrating the cloud or on-prem resources along with third-party services and of course some data.

All of this has to be configured and ready to use and this takes days or weeks to set up due to manual flows, but TIME KILLS DEALS

What if you could get access to a demo or spin up a POC environment in minutes wherever you are?
Environment as a Service solutions help you blueprint your standardized demo environments and provision them on-demand and in a fully automated way, making the self-service catalog of blueprints available for the entire sales organization

By using building-blocks based orchestration, new environments now require less and less effort to onboard and use

With Environment as a Service automating the provisioning of your demo environments,
you can:

  • Accelerate your sales cycles
  • Capture new opportunities
  • Increase revenue

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Tyler Technologies Leaders Share Secrets to Shortening Sales Cycles with EaaS

Sales demos on-demand/virtual POCs​

Sales engineering leaders know that more technical sales demos lead to more revenue. So the quicker your busy sales engineers can set up realistic sales demo environments and virtual IT labs, the quicker you can close sales deals. Instead of waiting weeks or months, what if your remote sales team could get access to standardized sales demos or spin up virtual POC environments in minutes wherever there are?​

Imagine a 1-click sandbox environment for your virtual proof of concept!​

Results across your organization

Sales Engineers


  • Streamlined, professional, consistent sales demos with standardized sandbox environments​

  • Shorter sales demo/ virtual POC setup time​

  • Deliver a better customer experience


  • Productivity

  • Reduced effort level

  • Focus on the sale rather than the sales demo setup

Sales Executive


  • Shorten sale cycle

  • Higher win rate

  • Deliver a better customer experience

  • Increased overall sales with same sized team of hard-to-hire sales engineers


  • Increased revenue

  • Reduced customer acquisition costs (CAC)

  • Higher Market Share

CIO/IT Director


  • Eliminate infrastructure sprawl and chaos

  • RBAC & Security

  • Multi-cloud. No technology lock in

  • Agility

  • Virtual IT lab where you choose the cloud. No cloud lock-in.​


  • Lower infrastructure cost

  • Lower IT support cost

  • Lower security risk

Setting up and sharing the sales demo and virtual POC environments you need is a big challenge

Time Consuming - Complex Set ups

Time Consuming,
Complex Set ups

Non-Standard Sales Demos

Sales Demos

Need to support on-prem and public cloud

Need to support on-prem and public cloud

Environment as a Service accelerates your sales cycle

Simplify and Accelerate Your Sales Demo Environments with CloudShell Pro

Shorten Pre-sales evaluation cycles:

Even your non-technical sales team can quickly access a reusable blueprint library of preapproved sales demo environments on-demand.

  • Slash your sales demo set up time by using a self-service catalog of environment blueprints
  • Capture new sales opportunities from more demos
  • Standardize your pre-sales evaluation demos
  • Host your sales demo and virtual POC environments remotely, in real public clouds like Azure and AWS or on-prem. ​No cloud lock-in
  • Online provisioning of labs
  • Virtual IT lab that also works on-prem​
  • Launch sales demo environments directly from

“…Our vision is to help transform enterprise sales and more importantly, how our prospects experience our products for the first time with on-demand, self-service environments. To do that, we’re using Quali CloudShell to build a demo cloud to speed up the enterprise sales cycle…”

– Ben Higgins, Tyler

The CloudShell Pro platform allowed us to design complex, feature reach lab environments for demoing and training customers, partners, and users on our View product suite…CloudShell delivered all that while providing an out-of-the-box slick user interface which required little to no customization, and provides excellent user experience to our users.

– Gartner Peer Insights Review

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