Kubernetes Orchestration Workshop: Automating & Accelerating Delivery of K8S and IaC Environments

DevOps and IT teams often struggle to orchestrate and maintain application environments that require multiple Kubernetes assets, Helm Charts, and Infrastructure as Code scripts to work together.

The manual work required to build, update, and debug these environments often overburdens the teams responsible for infrastructure and operations, delaying project timelines and leading to quality, cost, and security risks from shadow IT.

Watch the recording to learn more about:

  • Automatically orchestrating your Kubernetes manifests, Helm Charts, and IaC assets into repeatable blueprints for ready-to-run environments
  • Distributing role-based self-service access for developers, testers, and end users to launch these environments on-demand
  • Maintaining and debugging environments centrally so all end users deploy up-to-date infrastructure
  • Tracking Kubernetes costs and usage based on the teams, projects, and other parameters that rely on them