Breaking down the features in CloudShell 2023.1

March 26, 2024
10 min

With its unparalleled capabilities for delivering infrastructure automation at scale, IT leaders and innovators around the world trust Quali’s CloudShell platform to enable self-service environment provisioning and automated decommissioning to streamline the development, testing, and certification of various technologies into production environments.

Enhancing those capabilities were the guiding principles behind our latest release, CloudShell 2023.1. The latest version of CloudShell delivers several enhancements for providing new fine-grained controls and permissions to better orchestrate environments that contain expensive and/or sensitive equipment.

Enhancements in 2023.1 include:

  • Blueprint Approval Permissions: Admins can now require users to request approval before reserving a blueprint. Approvers can set a reservation timeframe for when users can issue a reservation request. This allows CloudShell admins to better manage access to expensive and/or sensitive assets.
  • Persistent Sandboxes: To enhance security and manage costs, CloudShell now provides new flexibility for assigning user access to persistent sandboxes. Only users who need access to persistent sandboxes can be granted access. Admins can now change the status of live sandboxes from regular to persistent, and the Sandboxes dashboard now supports filtering and sorting sandboxes to help users locate sandboxes by type.
  • API Enhancements: New capabilities for CloudShell’s automation APIs include stopping the execution of a specific job using the job’s ID and API actions supporting Blueprint Approval. Permissions for Approving, Rejecting, Deleting, and Updating an approval request are available via API.

CloudShell 2023.1 Release Notes are available here:

CloudShell 2023.1 is available in the CloudShell Download Center.

Previously updated, the VMware vCenter Cloud Provider Shell 2G provides application deployment and management capabilities. The updated vCenter Shell 6.0.0/6.0.1 provides optional attributes for VLAN Services:

  • Forged Transmits
  • Promiscuous Mode
  • MAC Address Changes
  • Virtual Switch
  • Affinity rules

Details for vCenter Cloud Provider Shell 2G 6.0.0/6.0.1 are posted here.

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