Automation & Self-Service for Platform Engineering Teams

Platform engineering teams often struggle to democratize self-service cloud access while maintaining standardization. Quali Torque helps platform engineering teams optimize the experience for their developers’ preferred toolset while increasing oversight over how infrastructure is configured and operated.

DevOps tools for continuous testing environments

Don’t Let Infrastructure Complexity Hold Your Platform Teams Back

Increasingly complex infrastructure can overburden your platform team and result in a poor developer experience.

Automation to Modernize Your Platform Engineering Teams

Streamlined Operations

Bridge the infrastructure skills gap with automated orchestration across your IaC or Kubernetes resources and pre-scheduled deployment and teardown of cloud services as needed.

Secure Developer Access

Empower developers to move faster with role-based self-service access, Day-2 actions on cloud services, and integrations with their preferred IDP and CI/CD tools.

Continuous Optimization

Keep all infrastructure up to date and in line with your standards with automated drift detection and custom cloud governance policies to optimize cloud costs and prevent security risks.

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Automated Orchestration

Eliminate the redundant, time-consuming provisioning work that slows down your platform teams. Quali Torque automatically orchestrates infrastructure from the IaC and Kubernetes resources in your Git repository to define the complete environments your teams. Once orchestrated, that environment can be reused and managed continuously, allowing you to automate the routine tasks that slow your teams down, such as pre-scheduled launch and teardown of the cloud VMs defined in IaC configurations.

Collaboration & Communication

Make it easy for your platform teams to keep infrastructure and application environments up to date. Quali Torque automatically detects configuration drift in the IaC and Kubernetes resources your teams deploy and gives infrastructure experts collaboration tools to communicate and align on updates to your infrastructure.

drift detection for continuous devops testing environments

Governed Self-Service

Increase developer velocity without sacrificing control over infrastructure configurations and operations. Quali Torque supports role-based access controls so developers, testers, and other teams can deploy infrastructure pre-configured for their use case on-demand via self-service. Support for Day-2 Actions allows developers to operate cloud infrastructure as needed, while custom cloud governance policies and approval requirements prevent any configurations that the platform team does not condone.

deploy continuous testing environments for devops

Integrations & Lifecycle Automation

No need to learn a new tool or re-design your Internal Developer Platform. Quali Torque integrates with your existing toolset so you can improve developer self-service for application infrastructure, set environments to launch at the onset of a specific stage of the CI/CD pipeline, and ensure all infrastructure shuts down automatically once it’s no longer needed.

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