Integrate Infrastructure Into Your CI/CD Pipelines Automate deployment and teardown of pre-configured application environments directly within your CI/CD pipelines.

Turn your existing infrastructure assets into blueprints for complete environments that deploy automatically at the stage when they’re needed—and shut-down when complete.

Accelerate Pipelines with Continuous Environments

Customizable Blueprints

Put an end to lengthy wait times for accessing infrastructure. Torque automatically orchestrates repeatable blueprints for application environments based on your existing IaC scripts, Helm Charts, and Kubernetes manifests—and integrates with your CI/CD tool directly.

Kubernetes IaC orchestration automation

Lifecycle Automation

Deploy the right environment at the right time across your pipelines. Torque automatically deploys and shuts down the required environment for any stage in your CI/CD pipeline–eliminating bottlenecks and misconfigured infrastructure.

Cloud Cost Optimization

Drift Detection & Management

Ensure that all your infrastructure is aligned to its source-of-truth configuration. Torque alerts admins to drift or other unexpected changes to your IaC scripts, while providing a central location to push updates to the impacted environments.

drift detection for continuous devops testing environments

Seamless Governance

Govern what cloud services can be deployed where, in which clouds, and by whom. Set role-based permissions to control who can edit configurations and set custom policies to standardize cost and security seamlessly.

Removing Barriers to Help Developers Move Faster End the wait times for accessing infrastructure.

Developers are not productive when forced to wait for access to infrastructure. Torque automates the orchestration and delivery of your application environments to all users.

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Use Cases

Deploy Application Environments Automatically

Your infrastructure should be part of your CI/CD pipelines.

The Challenge

While much of the CI/CD pipeline is automated, the provisioning of application environments often is not.

Especially as environments require complex infrastructure across clouds, platforms, and IaC tools, manual processes can hold up your developers and lead them to deploy unauthorized infrastructure.

The Solution

Torque automatically orchestrates repeatable blueprints based on your teams’ existing IaC scripts, Kubernetes manifests, and other infrastructure assets—which plug into your CI/CD tools directly.

Developers can automate deployment as many times as needed, while DevOps and other infrastructure architects can push updates and apply policies from a central location.

The Challenge

Developers rarely update the application environments that support the CI/CD pipeline.

Even when updates are made, it’s impossible to ensure that all IaC scripts and other infrastructure assets adhere to the latest changes.

The Solution

Torque environments integrate with your CI/CD pipeline vie pre-built integrations and are managed in modular re-usable blueprints that only admins can modify.

Updates to blueprints are automatically applied to underlying infrastructure in the application environments deployed within your CI/CD pipelines.

The Challenge

As the infrastructure that powers your application environments becomes more complex, DevOps can often struggle to replicate production conditions for testing and staging on a repeatable basis.

The Solution

Torque blueprints are repeatable and orchestrated automatically based on your existing infrastructure. This means your DevOps architects and engineers can build testing environments once and make updates centrally—while your CI/CD pipeline can deploy them as frequently as needed.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Quali’s Torque platform was designed to enhance your existing workflows. That means deploying environments where–and when–they’re needed. We currently support deployment on infrastructure within Azure DevOps, CircleCI, GitHub Actions, Jenkins, and TeamCity, with more options on the roadmap.

Quali’s Torque is not intended to replace Terraform for scripting. In fact, Torque embraces and extends the value of your existing Terraform scripts.

The Torque platform is designed to help our users seamlessly and safely access and rapidly deploy their existing Terraform scripts. Torque is unique for its ability to automatically identify and map multiple configuration types (Terraform, Helm, CloudFormation, Kubernetes, and vCenter) into a single repeatable blueprint. This eliminates the manual work required to configure Terraform scripts to work alongside Helm Charts or Kubernetes manifests, while also making those complete environments repeatable.

Further, Torque ties Terraform-configured infrastructure elements to business context–who owns it, operates it, its purpose, the application and/or business that it enables, and what the infrastructure costs to operate.

Think of Quali’s Torque as a unified control plane for all your infrastructure assets.

The Torque platform was designed to enhance your existing workflows. That means automating the entire lifecycle of environments directly where–and when–they’re needed. Torque will automatically deploy the right environment at the onset of a new stage of the CI/CD pipeline, then shut that environment down after that stage is complete. Torque currently support deployment on infrastructure within Jenkins, Azure DevOps, and CircleCI.

Yes. With Torque, infrastructure teams can enforce security and compliance by configuring environment blueprints with secrets and cloud account credentials securely embedded (and invisible to the user) to conform to policies that mitigate business risk. Torque’s policy engine, powered by Open Policy Agent (OPA), can embed guidelines for user access, cost, usage, and governance into the infrastructure provisioning process.

Quali’s Torque supports policies based on Open Policy Agent. Those with Admin permissions can set individual policies to allow or prohibit activity that doesn’t adhere to your standards, including launching specific cloud platforms or services, instance types, or configurations such as public AWS S3 buckets.

Admins can choose to apply these policies to all users in their Torque account or to apply to individual Spaces, which can be tailored to support specific teams or infrastructure.

Torque can automate the orchestration of a new environment in minutes. Torque allows you to discover and import infrastructure definitions directly from your GitHub, GitLab, and Bitbucket repositories, then automatically orchestrates a YAML file consisting of the specific assets you choose to import. This eliminates manual provisioning tasks that often slow the process down, and makes those environments repeatable so you can launch them any time you will need them in the future.

Quali’s Torque allows you to view the underlying infrastructure within your entire environment. This level of introspection allows you to verify that the environment is built and configured to meet your specific needs before you deploy.

Torque also detects application drift in your infrastructure assets automatically, and notifies admins in the event of any unexpected changes that may disrupt the environment. These notifications include details on the specific change so your infrastructure admins can resolve the issue rapidly.

Those who integrate their environments with a CI/CD or ITSM tool can carry out their day-to-day tasks with the peace of mind that all their environments are up to date and managed continuously.

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