Enforce Guardrails to Govern Cloud Infrastructure at Scale

Quali Torque automatically denies the provisioning of infrastructure that violates your custom cloud governance policies so you can democratize cloud access while keeping security, performance, and cloud costs in control.

End the Infrastructure Chaos

Decentralized cloud infrastructure can be difficult to standardize and manage consistently, leading to wasted costs and security risks.

Quali Torque enforces your cloud governance policies so you don’t have to

Secure Developer Self-Service

Quali Torque provides developers a simple self-service catalog to find and provision application environments on-demand, while eliminating human error by enforcing role-based access controls and cloud security credentials automatically.

Custom Policy Enforcement

Since Quali Torque initiates the provisioning of all cloud infrastructure, the platform can enforce your custom rules to deny the launch of any resource that violates your standards for cloud technologies, resource configurations, or expected cloud costs.

Automated Operations

Eliminate the manual work required to ensure secure and efficient operations with automated workflows to ensure resources are operating securely, application components are updated, and resources are terminated after they’re no longer in use.

Leverage IaC

Quali provides out-of-the-box IaC modules and leverages resources in your repositories so you can create reusable definitions of the environments your teams need.

No-Code Environment Design

Turn your ecosystem resources into no-code assets you can use to generate a source file defining your cloud environment.

Self-Service Launch

Provide role-based access for your teammates to launch the environments you’ve designed via our self-service portal and integrations with their preferred tools.

Continuous Governance

Improve performance, security, and cost efficiency with continuous monitoring for configuration drift and violations of your cloud governance policies.

Cost & Activity Reports

Track all activity and associated costs by the users and teams responsible for them so you can act on opportunities to improve efficiency proactively.

See Automated Cloud Governance in Action with a Brief Demo

Watch this 3-minute video to see how Torque allows your teams to run the infrastructure they need while enforcing guardrails to prevent security, compliance, and financial risks.

Try the interactive Torque Playground to test-drive the platform for free

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