Optimize Your Cloud Infrastructure Continuously

Maintaining efficient and secure cloud infrastructure is challenging at scale. Quali Torque accelerates delivery of complex infrastructure while allowing infrastructure experts to optimize configurations, costs, and security.

End the Infrastructure Chaos

Decentralized cloud infrastructure can be difficult to standardize and manage consistently, leading to wasted costs and security risks.

It’s Time to Optimize Your Cloud Infrastructure Continuously

Granular Visibility

Track your teams’ deployments to understand how cloud infrastructure and budget are used in real-time.

Custom Policy Enforcement

Deny deployments and require approval for any configurations that violate your custom standards and policies.

Automated Operations

Prevent zombie infrastructure automatically with pre-scheduled launch and teardown for multi-cloud infrastructure.

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Orchestrate & Deliver

Democratize role-based access to infrastructure pre-configured to support unique workloads. Quali Torque orchestrates your IaC and Kubernetes resources into reusable templates that end users can deploy repeatedly via a self-service catalog. Role-based access controls ensure that everything your end users deploy is configured, approved, and monitored by your infrastructure experts.

Create Your Policies

Prohibit cloud activity that drives up costs and creates security risks. Quali Torque allows you to define custom policies to prohibit or allow specific cloud activity–such as instance sizes, cloud storage configurations, or expected cost thresholds–and will deny any attempt to launch infrastructure that violates those policies.

Schedule Your Operations

Prevent zombie infrastructure with automation. Quali Torque allows admins to create schedules for when cloud services should deploy and shutdown, eliminating manual work and preventing zombie infrastructure before it starts. Approval workflows give admins added control when end users need to request extensions.

lifecycle automation for continuous devops testing environments

Track & Optimize

Identify and address cloud cost anomalies proactively. Quali Torque monitors and forecasts cloud costs based on your end user activity, giving you the proactive data and business context to intervene with the teams, projects, or infrastructure that are not performing as expected.

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