Announcing Quali’s new pricing model, featuring pay-as-you-go flexibility

March 26, 2024
10 min

We’ve learned a lot from our users in the past several years.

One of our biggest takeaways is that every organization is unique. What might be optimal for one team might not fit the needs of another.

So we’re excited to announce a new pricing structure for our SaaS platform Torque. Through this approach, our users can unlock the productivity and cloud cost optimization benefits of Torque while aligning their financial commitment with the resources they used.

With the benefit of Torque’s cost optimization and automation capabilities, this approach will help our customers maximize the return on their investment in our platform.

Here are some more details on our new tiers.

Professional tier: Monthly pay-as-you-go model

Our Professional pricing tier takes a pay-as-you-go approach based on environment uptime via Quali’s Torque platform.

Environment uptime refers to the duration during which the infrastructure resources deployed via Torque are actively running.

For example, a software QA and testing team might use our platform to create reusable definitions of the various testing environments they rely on. Torque also allows them to launch testing environments based on those blueprints as frequently as needed, whether via Torque’s secure self-service catalog or integrations with the tools they use to get their work done (e.g. CLI, IDE, and CI/CD).

However, since tests are generally short-term, this team will only need to run the environment for as long as they need to conduct the tests.

Since Quali Torque serves as the orchestration and deployment platform for these and any other types of cloud environments, the platform can also monitor uptime for all environments.

The professional tier allows customers to pay only for the combined uptime of all environments run by Torque each month.

For many of our customers, this approach aligns well with Torque’s out-of-the-box cloud cost optimization features that focus on minimizing unnecessary uptime. As the orchestration platform for all environments, Torque can automatically:

  • Terminate cloud resources when they’re no longer needed
  • Detect inactive cloud resources that should be terminated
  • Deny deployments that are set to exceed the customer’s limits on runtimes

At the same time, automating cloud environment provisioning and maintenance—including validation and de-bugging as needed—leads to better productivity. This means more people can simply launch environments and get their work done, resulting in less uptime dedicated to infrastructure maintenance that holds everything else back.

In other words, the productivity gains and cloud cost savings from using the platform more than offset the pay-as-you-go rate.

Enterprise: Commitment rates for high-volume teams

For large teams expecting to run high volumes of concurrent environments with long-duration runtimes, our Enterprise pricing model offers the option to pre-pay for a commitment to monthly usage via the Torque platform.

For some, this might mean pre-paying for a monthly minimum baseline for environment uptime. For others, it might make more sense to pre-pay for capacity and engagement, such as the total number of users who rely on Torque and the volume of environment deployments in the month.

This ensures access to all mission-critical environments across the organization while still providing the visibility and governance to track productivity improvements and cost optimization results.

The result is a highly customizable approach that allows our customers to align their pricing agreement to their actual needs.

Free tier: Basic functionality for individual developers & small teams

We also offer a free option for individual developers and small teams looking to scale their Infrastructure as Code (IaC) resources.

Our new Free tier allows up to three users to leverage their IaC (Terraform, AWS CloudFormation, and Ansible) and containers (Helm, Kubernetes, and Docker) for up to 50 combined monthly minutes of uptime across all deployments.

We’ve always said that teams of any size could benefit from our Torque platform. This provides some of the basic functionality needed to scale IaC while also providing a glimpse into the pricing model if you decide to expand access to additional teams.

Coming soon: Pricing updates via AWS and Azure Marketplace purchases

We also know that many of our customers prefer to onboard cloud tools via their cloud service provider.

While it’s not available today, we will soon make our new pricing models available via the AWS and Azure Marketplaces. Stay tuned for updates on that.

To learn more or discuss these options with our team, check out our pricing page.