Optimize the Application Infrastructure in Your CI/CD Pipelines

Quali Torque makes application environments reusable and manageable so DevOps teams can automate, optimize, and track usage across all pipelines.

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Don’t Let Complex Environments Slow Down Your Pipelines

Lengthy orchestration of development, test, staging, and other environments creates delays that slow down pipelines.

Quali Torque integrates application environments into your CI/CD pipelines

Define Environments as Code

Quali Torque leverages your IaC modules so you can create source files defining the dev, test, staging, and other environments your teams need to accelerate their pipelines.

Plug Into Your CI/CD

Connect your CI/CD platform to automate the deployment and termination of application environments in line with the stage of the pipeline that each one supports.

Track & Optimize Activity

Monitor all environment launches to detect and reconcile configuration drift, bugs, and other misconfigurations that create performance, security, and cost issues.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Torque is a platform engineering tool for delivering application environments.

To accomplish this, Torque creates reusable templates defining all the infrastructure components, application services, and the dependencies and parameters needed to deploy those assets and generate the application environment.

Once defined, developers can provision the environment every time they need them.

This reusability also helps DevOps teams scale their application environments. For example, DevOps engineers can update those templates with assurance that all deployments going forward will follow suit.

Torque also monitors the state of your resource configurations and performance of your environment deployments. If configurations drift or infrastructure encounters an error, Torque notifies users automatically and pinpoints the issue so they can correct it quickly.

Reports also provide continuous visibility so DevOps teams can understand which users are deploying which resources, and the pipelines that they support.

Many of our users integrate Torque with their CI/CD platform to optimize the operation of cloud environments at scale.

Torque leverages the cloud resource definitions in your IaC modules and creates a new YAML in Torque that leverages that code. In Torque, these are referred to as assets.

In the Designer Canvas, administrators can find these assets as building blocks in their Asset Library. From there, they can click to add those assets to their canvas, set dependencies between those assets, and set parameters to define the launch plan for their environment.

This design process automatically generates a new YAML in Torque that defines the environment launch plan. Administrators can also choose to design and modify their environment blueprint via the code in YAML.

Once defined, end users can launch these environments on-demand—via Torque’s self-service catalog or integrations with developer tools or CI/CD platforms. Torque also automates the lifecycle of these environments, initiates custom actions automatically, enforces cloud governance by denying the launch of any environment that violates their custom policies, and track all activity and costs based on these deployments.

Think of Torque as a control plane for your existing Infrastructure as Code.

Torque currently integrates with Jenkins, CircleCI, GitHub Actions, Azure DevOps, and other CI/CD tooling,

To inquire about support for other CI/CD tools, contact our team today.

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