Cloud Cost Automation Workshop: Making Cloud Costs Trackable and Predictable

Cloud cost management processes often rely on retroactive billing data and manual efforts.

This forces many teams to respond to cloud cost surprises manually only after receiving the bill. Dev and infrastructure teams often lack end-to-end visibility into what applications or teams are driving up costs, and struggle to automate practical guardrails to keep costs in control proactively.

Watch the recording to see how you can:

  • Pre-configure and distribute application environments with built-in durations, cost guardrails, and role-based access controls
  • Forecast costs for all infrastructure to identify cost reduction opportunities proactively and establish accountability among your teams
  • Set up custom cost thresholds that automatically trigger approval workflows before noncompliant infrastructure is launched
  • Automatically apply standard tags for all cloud infrastructure to track costs based on team, application, project, or other custom parameters