Quali Announces Enterprise-Grade Option For Microsoft Azure

Quali Announces Enterprise-Grade Option for Microsoft Azure
Azure customers get powerful benefits to scale their DevOps automation efforts


Quali is working with Microsoft to help organizations scale their Microsoft Azure transformation initiatives using infrastructure automation coupled with cloud management platform capabilities. Quali’s Torque tightly integrates out-of-the-box with Azure Services, including Azure Compute, Azure Kubernetes Services, Azure Storage, and Azure DevOps. It makes Infrastructure as Code (IaC) simple, eliminates wasted time scripting, and enables developers to focus on application development, rather than cloud infrastructure setup.

Azure DevTest Labs already provides developers with on-demand access to Azure infrastructure tightly coupled with governance policies. Torque complements this service by helping developer teams deploy complex applications throughout the valuestream, all the way to production.

Enterprise organizations going through digital transformation are adopting DevOps practices for their application release cycles. Software engineers are faced with the challenge of deploying complex application environments in the public cloud. This requires expert knowledge on cloud infrastructure that is often not part of their core skills, making the whole process ineffective and slow. Furthermore, the production application environment is most often owned by the IT organization (ITOps). That means release to production leads to inconsistent application environments between preproduction and production. This results in lower quality and introduces additional security risks.

“To keep up with industry trends, customer needs, and competitive tools, developers need access to rich, complex environments built on Microsoft Azure. At the same time, ITOps must maintain security and compliance through governance. Using Torque along with Azure, managing these environments and governance policies no longer requires deep cloud expertise. Developers are free to focus on developing while increasing productivity,” said Quali CEO, Lior Koriat.

“We appreciate the initiative with Quali as a DevOps leader who can extend the value of Microsoft Azure infrastructure to enterprises looking to transform their application portfolio,” said Julia Liuson, CVP Developer Division at Microsoft Corp.

With Torque, Azure customers get powerful benefits to scale their DevOps automation efforts:

  • Quickly model application-centric templates aligned to their business needs
  • Speed time to market with out-of-the-box support for their CI/CD pipeline to deploy a common environment definition from Dev to Production
  • Manage Azure resources efficiently with application-centric cost tracking
  • Improve application quality with built-in Blue/Green deployment to production

For more information on this partnership:
Azure DevTest Labs: https://azure.microsoft.com/en-us/services/devtest-lab/

Quali transforms how businesses digitize their enterprise by enabling organizations to create reusable, cloud-agnostic, and on-demand environments for development, testing, deployment, and demos – in minutes, not months. Global 500 OEMs, ISVs, financial services, retailers, and innovators everywhere, among others, rely on Quali’s award-winning CloudShell platform to optimize infrastructure utilization, and increase productivity.

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