Move faster and control costs with infrastructure blueprints

Help IT teams balance speed and control with on-demand access to environment blueprints pre-configured with custom infrastructure, policies, and permissions.

Why Torque for IT Operations?


Streamline infrastructure provisioning with a build-once-and-launch-on-demand process, freeing your highly skilled staff to focus on higher-value tasks and projects. Torque uses modular blueprints that can be re-configured and provisioned on demand, allowing your teams to move faster. And Torque’s custom policies and permissions help users maintain version control and governance.


If you’re relying on your staff to tear down cloud instances, you’re probably overspending on cloud infrastructure. Torque’s auto-teardown capabilities make this process simple and easy for the ops team and empowers the user consuming infrastructure to “set it and forget it.”


Our users are seeing increased demand for multi-faceted skills to support multi-cloud and hybrid infrastructure across both new and legacy technologies. Torque’s reusable blueprints encapsulate the specialized skills, knowledge, and expertise of infrastructure architects and are centrally stored, allowing operations teams to manage and share them easily in a controlled manner.


Torque includes a self-service catalog that allows users to launch environments directly within an IDE, CI/CD and automation platform, or through the native Torque UI.


Provision infrastructure with customized, role-based policies and access permissions that align with your team structures, personnel skills, and configuration standards. Torque provides granular access control to restrict who can access and edit blueprint configurations and who can deploy infrastructure.

Spotlight: Global Chip Manufacturer

Spotlight: Global Chip Manufacturer

With hundreds of developers designing next-generation semiconductors and a need for environments to support internal engineering applications, this global manufacturer needed to distribute easy access to complex environments that involved multiple teams and required several weeks to set up. With Torque, the company automated these processes and provided its users with one-click access to deploy environments, cutting provisioning time to less than a day, accelerating development, optimizing cloud costs, and eliminating the human errors associated with manual processes.

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How to Super Charge IT Operations with Torque

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Yes, Quali supports seamless integration with ServiceNow and other IT service management solutions.

Quali can help with the most complex hybrid environments – including environments in multiple cloud providers, various virtualization and container technologies, and on-premise environments. Our focus is on providing a modular and open solution that caters to bleeding edge environments alongside legacy environments. This establishes a seamless and unified experience for end users regardless of the tech stack under the hood. This is how you future-proof automation solutions.

Automating the setup of environments is a great first step that helps ITOps teams offer faster and better service to their organizations. Quali takes this automation to the next level by providing critical foundational components out of the box, helping users save time while transforming ITOps into a true innovation enabler. We accomplish that with advanced features and functionality, including: automatic de-commissioning of environments; an intuitive, self-service interface that users can white-label; automated resource tagging; real-time visibility into environment utilization; and customized reporting and analytics.

Setting up an environment is (relatively) easy. But making sure that environment is decommissioned when it is no longer used—that has been an ongoing challenge for ITOps teams. Environments that are left idle incur unnecessary cloud costs, reduce resource utilization, and produce security vulnerabilities (“sitting ducks”). Quali solves this challenge by handling the entire life cycle of environments, from setup to teardown. Every resource in a Quali environment is visible, accounted for, and torn down immediately after use, saving users hours of tracking resources and generating reports, while keeping costs and security under control.