Celebrating the Launch of an AWS Region in Israel

As a trusted AWS partner with deep roots in Israel’s technology community, the Quali team is excited to support the launch of a new AWS region in Israel.

How Quali Supports AWS Customers & Partners

Accelerate delivery and improve governance of your most complex AWS workloads with Quali solutions.

Quali’s Automation & Optimization Offerings for AWS Infrastructure

Support for AWS CloudFormation

Accelerate delivery of complex application environments. Quali discovers and imports the AWS cloud configurations defined in AWS CloudFormation and other IaC tools so you can create reusable templates defining complete application environments that can be deployed repeatedly and managed continuously.

Orchestrate devops testing environments automatically

Day-2 & Automation for Amazon EC2

Democratize secure self-service access for developers, testers, and other end users to deploy pre-configured environments on-demand. Day-2 actions allow end users to operate Amazon EC2 instances on-demand, while automated workflows enable admins to pre-schedule automated launch and teardown based on operational schedules.

Cloud Policies as Code

Delivering your AWS infrastructure via Quali Torque allows you to set custom rules on how that infrastructure is configured and operated. Quali Torque will enforce your custom policies to prohibit deployment of any unapproved configurations, such as instance sizes, resource types, regions, or expected costs.

Cost Forecasting & Optimization

Deploying AWS Cloud infrastructure via Quali Torque provides proactive data with the business context needed to take action. Quali Torque understands how your AWS cloud instances are configured and monitors how frequently they operate, allowing you to understand and forecast costs in real-time with a view into the users and projects responsible for your biggest cost drivers.

Watch a Demo to See Quali’s Torque in Action

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