Achieving Continuous Validation with an Advanced Job Scheduler

June 7, 2023
10 min

As technology’s role in our everyday life continues to grow, so does the need to ensure that the services we rely on remain on and stay operational. Unfortunately, as our dependence on technology grows,  the complexity of the environments supporting them grows exponentiallyresulting in the need for continuous testing of production environments, networks, and other infrastructure. The need to certify equipment and proactively identify and resolve issues before they escalate has become a necessity.

Recently, team Quali released an enhanced job scheduling innovation that addresses the challenge of supporting extremescale while maintaining agility for the most demanding environments. With support for Robot Framework, the open-source test automation framework, the 2021.1 release of CloudShell Pro helps organizations scale their automated testing and continuous validation efforts. 

3 Benefits of Quali’s Advanced Job Scheduler for Enhanced Test Automation 

Conduct Continuous Validation on Production Networks 

Networks are becoming more complex as new services and paths are added daily. As the complexity increases, the network gets harder to monitor and maintain to avoid outages, breaches, and performance issues. The traditional way of testing your network is by watching the logs and waiting for an alert. Unfortunately, by the time you get that alert, it’s often too late. This drives the need to proactively identify symptoms before they snowball into more significant issues that impact endusers, leaving you on the wrong side of a news story. 

Using the job scheduler, you can run tests that mimic user behavior and perform validation in your production network or lab,  empowering you to identify potential problems and ensure the reliability and performance that your end-users expect. 

Test and Scale Environments 

Taking a proactive approach to supporting complex network configurations requires an extensive library of standardized, automated tests to use for each scenario and mimic user behavior at a grand scale. 

Using the Robot Framework, an open and extensible framework that integrates with CloudShell Pro to create powerful test automation scenarios, users can perform 1,000’s of automated tests every minute for high performance, continuous testing. 

Optimize Resource Utilization 

Much of the time spent testing is often spent waiting for resource pools to become available. With limited resources to run on, you must be efficient in running tests and utilizing resources to decrease testing times and avoid idle equipment. 

The CloudShell advanced job scheduler doesn’t have to run tests in sequential order. Instead, the advanced job scheduler is able to pull from available resources provisioned by CloudShell Pro’s sandbox automation and run applicable tests as those resources are available. 

View the release notes for the full list of updates in the 2021.1 release of CloudShell Pro.