How To Avoid Overspending In Your Cloud Accounts Without Slowing Innovation

Date Posted: 08.23.21
Read Time: 10 min

As your business develops software and adopts cloud strategies to drive value to your internal and external customers, a new challenge forms—managing cloud costs. Cloud computing can get expensive if activities aren’t tracked and measured. One report noted that, “Organizations worldwide spent a record $107 billion on cloud computing infrastructure services last year.”

Unfortunately, most monthly cloud billing reports are unclear on how the costs tie back to your business. And implementing some governance policies to gain visibility into your cloud expenses can end-up impeding innovation speed.

This post reveals a few ways that you can use CloudShell Colony’s new Cost Dashboard feature to avoid overspending in your cloud accounts without being a bottleneck to innovation speed.

3 Tips for Managing Cloud Costs Using CloudShell Colony Cost Dashboard Feature

Tie Expenses Back to Business

Cloud computing can help you accelerate innovation and support on-demand access to your software around the globe. However, most of the end-of-month billing reports that cloud providers send are complex and full of unexplained charges. Quali’s CloudShell Colony helps you understand how much money you’re paying for different environments and maps cloud costs back to the business so you can more accurately allocate resources for future needs.

Identify Trends

You can’t manage what you don’t measure. While some Cloud Management Platforms (CMPs) can provide you with visibility into your cloud expenses, it only does it at the infrastructure level.  With CloudShell Colony’s new Cost Dashboard feature, you can gain a single-pane-of-glass view into your cloud expenses at the environment level.

CloudShell Colony acts as the cloud orchestrator, so users can apply run-time policies beforehand to manage costs, track environment changes by the business characteristics, and dig deep to identify the purpose, owner, size, project and more to identify usage trends.

Optimize for Efficiency

The cost of using cloud resources varies depending on the environment’s scale and frequency. Identifying the changes that will provide you with the most value is almost impossible with traditional billing reports, CloudShell Colony provides you with a cost estimate per blueprint so you can track the use of each of your blueprints and their cost, allowing you to efficiently focus on optimizing cost without impact innovation speed. 

For more tips on how to control cloud costs, download our whitepaper, Lifting the Fog: Controlling Public Cloud Costs and Reducing Spend.