IaC Automation Summit: Simplify delivery and management of application environments

June 7, 2023
10 min

While Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC) tools have become valuable for DevOps and IT teams to deploy cloud infrastructure, IaC sprawl and a dearth of IaC experts make it difficult to scale effectively and efficiently. As a result, these teams can struggle to deliver application environments on time, counteracting the very purpose of infrastructure automation. 

No matter how skilled the IaC user, the manual processes to orchestrate environments that incorporate multiple IaC scripts across disparate IaC tools (Terraform, AWS CloudFormation, etc.), and Kubernetes manifests can be challenging (to say the least). 

And even after they slog through the process and deliver the requisite environments, managing and governing the environments is impractical. The decentralized nature of IaC makes it difficult to ensure all infrastructure is updated with the latest standards from DevOps and IT. And monitoring and restricting usage to manage costs and security is beyond the native capabilities of most IaC tools. 

Our recently help IaC Automation Summit shows how you can:  

  • Automatically orchestrate repeatable, ready-to-run environments from the IaC scripts in your Git repositories
  • Create self-service access and integrate with CI/CD tools so developers and other end users can deploy these environments on-demand 
  • Set custom policies to automate shutdown, prevent unauthorized usage, and capture costs for infrastructure defined in IaC 
  • Manage changes and updates to IaC configurations to ensure all deployed environments are up to date 

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