What’s new with Quali Torque: Product enhancements for January 2024

March 26, 2024
10 min

Welcome to this month’s roundup of product enhancements for Quali Torque.

For any questions about these updates or other features in Torque, book a demo with our team.

Quali Torque updates for January 2024

Launch Environments as Code via GitOps

To support our users who leverage a GitOps approach for managing application infrastructure, our new Environments as Code capability allows users to define application environments in the Git repository and launch them by simply committing code.

When pushing code changes to update environments, Torque will also provide visibility into the expected impact of those changes before they’re committed.

When combined with Torque’s native role-based access controls, this empowers Torque users to push updates to prod environments faster while preventing any unauthorized changes that could disrupt performance.

Inactivity Detection for AWS and Azure Cloud Resources

One of the most common sources of wasted budget stems from inactive cloud resources, or those that users launch but which go unused.

Since Torque enables users to launch environments, the platform can review the AWS and Azure cloud resources they’ve launch for signs of activity. Using machine learning, the platform determines when cloud resources deployed via Torque are underutilized or inactive, then calculates the potential cost savings from terminating them.

The Inactivity report aggregates all opportunities so Torque admins can review, prioritize, and act on them to reduce waste without shutting down any resources supporting their teams’ active workloads.

View Status of All Approval Requests

When a user attempts an action in Torque that requires approval–for example, an attempt to launch a cloud environment that violates a policy for security configurations or expected cloud costs–the user will receive a notification about the approval as well as the option to cancel the request before submitting the request.

Torque’s new Approval Requests page, which is accessible via the left-hand panel of the Torque UI, shows the Status and Approvers for all requests submitted.

This visibility will make it easier for admins and users to collaborate on all activity via the Torque platform.

Onboarding as Code Using the Torque Terraform Provider

Quali’s Torque Terraform Provider, an open source project that relies on public APIs, allows users to control the behavior and presentation of their Torque accounts. Users can now commit code to automatically create a new Space with users and agents associated.

This significantly eliminates administrative overhead while onboarding new users to Torque. Learn more about Torque Terraform Provider here.

Support for AWS CodeCommit

To create definitions of application environments, Torque connects to the user’s Source Control repositories, discovers the resources configurations defined in its Infrastructure as Code modules, and wraps those configurations in a YAML in the Torque platform.

This normalizes the cloud resource configuration so admins can define the configuration of an application environment–including all infrastructure components, parameters, dependencies, and outputs from launching the environment–so users can launch it every time they need it.

We recently expanded support for Source Control to include discovering and leveraging IaC resources, environment blueprints, and policies managed in AWS CodeCommit. Learn more about support for AWS CodeCommit here.

Specify Branch When Connecting a Git Repository

To make it easier to leverage Infrastructure as Code resources in Torque, admins can now specify a branch within a Git repository connected to the Space.