Cyber Security Environments

Spin up your cyber security training and testing environments on demand

Use audit trails to gauge performance and “save and restore” features for advanced change management.

Strengthen Your Weakest Link

Staying ahead of security threats has always been challenging, but with increased complexity in your infrastructure, it’s harder than ever.  It’s difficult to train your security and IT staff in authentic, real-world environments because of time-consuming processes to set up and tear down complex IT environments, and you’re often left with poor audit trails of configurations and scenarios used for training and certification.

Quali’s CloudShell platform is ideal for rapidly configuring complex cyber ranges with Over the Shoulder (OTS) capabilities for training and support for Red-team/Blue-team scenarios, capture the flag competitions (CTF) and King of the Hill cyber contests.

Why CloudShell for Cyber Security?
  • Spin up environments that authentically reproduce real-world environments including physical infrastructure such as ICS and IoT.
  • Model objects to create a true-to-life environment to support virtual test.
  • Perform powerful automation and orchestration to address complex workflows for exact replicas of production networks.
  • Spin down environments in a time-bound manner to deliver efficiency and support save and restore operations for analysis.
  • Governance, analytics and reporting coupled with self-service capabilities for multi domain and role support.

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