Terraform Automation with Quali’s Torque Build, deliver, and manage complex environments from your Terraform files

Watch this demo to see how Quali Torque users automate how they deliver and manage environments built from their Terraform infrastructure. For optimal viewing experience, watch in full-screen and use the chapters to skip ahead to the topics that are most interesting to you.

How It Works

Discover & Orchestrate

Connect a Git to automate orchestration of complete environments from your Terraform and other assets.

Deliver & Integrate

Distribute self-service access and integrate with your operational tools to accelerate your developers, testers, and other end users.

Govern & Maintain

Track usage granularly and use automation to enforce custom policies on cloud configurations and resource operations.

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Quali Torque is designed to:

  • Automatically orchestrate repeatable blueprints for environments based on your IaC and containerized assets
  • Distribute role-based self service so end users can view and access environments on demand
  • Standardize configurations with custom policies for cloud costs and security
  • Forecast and track cloud costs based on the team, project, or application responsible for them

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