Accelerate Velocity Across the Development Lifecycle

Automate and scale application infrastructure so your teams can focus on building and shipping high-quality products on time.

DevOps tools for continuous testing environments

Are Your Development Teams Operating at Peak Velocity?

DevOps teams struggle to deliver and maintain the application infrastructure that developers and testers need to ship high-quality software rapidly.

Quali Torque scales & automates application infrastructure to boost productivity & optimize costs.

Accelerate Developer Velocity

Eliminate DevOps bottlenecks with secure access for developers and testers to run cloud infrastructure pre-configured for their workloads.

Improve Application Quality

Maintain the latest conditions in dev, test, and production environments to deliver optimal user experience and application performance.

Eliminate Wasted Cloud Costs

Track real-time cloud deployments and costs by team, pipeline, or application, and set governance policies to eliminate over-sized and idle infrastructure.

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Automate Environment Orchestration

Scale and maintain application infrastructure continuously. Quali Torque connects to your Git repositories and imports your existing cloud configurations to create reusable templates defining all the inputs, dependencies, and outputs to run complete development, testing, and production environments. Once defined, development and testing teams can deploy those environments as needed, while DevOps can maintain the configurations continuously.

Orchestrate devops testing environments automatically

Improve Developer Experience

Cut down on redundant ticket requests related to application infrastructure. Give developers, testers, and other engineers role-based access to deploy application environments and operate cloud infrastructure pre-configured for their workloads via Quali Torque’s self-service catalog and integrations with the CI/CD tools or IDP they already use.

deploy continuous testing environments for devops

Understand Resource Utilization

Track real-time cloud deployments and costs by team, application, pipeline, or cloud tag. Deploying all application infrastructure via Quali Torque allows DevOps teams to understand cost accruals based on real-time activity instead of retroactive cloud billing data so they can terminate idle resources and eliminate cloud waste proactively.

Enforce Governance at Scale

Allow development teams to run cloud infrastructure that meets your cost policies while denying activity that creates waste. With all application infrastructure deployed via Quali Torque, DevOps teams can set policies to terminate idle cloud resources automatically and deny deployments that will push costs beyond your budget.

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Frequently Asked Questions

No. Quali Torque supports Infrastructure as Code tools. Our platform connects directly to GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket, and other Git repositories to automatically discover and leverage Infrastructure as Code modules. We support IaC tools like Terraform and AWS CloudFormation, infrastructure automation tools like Ansible and Quali CloudShell, and container tools like Helm and native Kubernetes.

Once discovered, Quali Torque imports the infrastructure configurations defined in those modules as inputs so you can create a YAML file defining the dependencies between those inputs and the outputs needed to support a specific workload. Quali Torque can then deploy those environments repeatedly, allowing DevOps teams to integrate environments within their CI/CD tool, maintain configurations continuously, automate deployment and shutdown based on custom schedules, and set governance policies to deny deployment of any environment that violates their rules.

Think of Quali Torque as the orchestration and deployment layer for application environments based on Infrastructure as Code.

Most of our users integrate Quali Torque with their CI/CD platform. We partner with and support many of the industry’s leading DevOps tools and CI/CD platforms.

Quali Torque acts as a control plane for the cloud infrastructure and application environments deployed within the CI/CD pipeline. Before introducing Quali Torque, many teams find that the environments deployed in their CI/CD pipeline are at risk of misconfigurations, out-of-date infrastructure, and wasted cloud costs. That’s because Git repositories, Infrastructure as Code tools, and CI/CD platforms were not designed to manage cloud infrastructure.

Quali Torque orchestrates reusable templates for application environments from the IaC modules defined in Git, deploys those environments directly within the CI/CD platform, and terminates them after they’re no longer needed.

Since Torque orchestrates and deploys the cloud infrastructure, DevOps teams can track and optimize cloud costs and configurations in real-time. Based on the cloud infrastructure configuration and duration of deployment, Torque tracks and forecasts cloud costs based on the environment running it and the team responsible for it.

With this information, DevOps teams can identify and address their biggest cloud cost drivers in real-time. Torque also supports custom cloud governance policies, allowing the DevOps team to set rules that deny activity that is unapproved–such as services or configurations that drive up wasted cloud spend.

Some of the most common challenges that DevOps teams face involve delivering and maintaining high-quality testing environments at scale.

Quali Torque enables DevOps teams to create reusable templates for complete testing environments based on the same conditions as a production environment. Since Torque manages the orchestration of all environments, DevOps teams can duplicate a template for a production environment to support testing, and will receive notifications when anything in the template changes. This ensures that testing environments are up to date while reducing the amount of time spent provisioning those environments.

Quali Torque allows DevOps teams to orchestrate and maintain the templates used to define application environments. Once the DevOps team approves a template, they can “publish” it to the self-service catalog in Torque.

From the catalog, developers, testers, and other staff can deploy those environments via self-service. They are also accessible via any CI/CD tools that are integrated with Quali Torque.

To accomplish this, Quali Torque supports permissions based on the role of the user. Only administrators, who are typically the DevOps engineer responsible for managing environments, can modify configurations. Users only have access to deploy environments.

To enforce governance standards over your DevOps team, you can also set custom policies in Torque. For example, setting a policy to prohibit a specific cloud service or platform will deny the deployment of any environment containing the service or platform listed in the policy. This prevents misconfiguration from DevOps team members with admin access as well.

Yes! We support a variety of automation tools, including Git repositories, Infrastructure as Code, infrastructure automation, container, and CI/CD platforms.