Automation to Help DevOps Teams Deliver Better Infrastructure Faster

Increasingly complex infrastructure is creating headaches and bottlenecks for DevOps teams. Quali’s DevOps solutions normalize cloud infrastructure and automate orchestration so DevOps teams can give developers self-service access to infrastructure while increasing oversight over how it’s used.

DevOps automation with Quali Torque

Don’t Let Complex Infrastructure Slow Down Your DevOps Teams

Orchestrating and maintaining infrastructure across IaC, Kubernetes, and multi-cloud technologies can create bottlenecks that slow down and frustrate your DevOps teams.

Manual Provisioning

Even your most skilled DevOps experts need to manually orchestrate multiple Infrastructure as Code and Kubernetes resources to work together.

End User Demand

As requests for complex infrastructure pile up on your DevOps teams, end users are forced to choose between delaying their projects or shadow IT.

Configuration Chaos

Maintaining and standardizing decentralized infrastructure is difficult across hundreds of configurations located in disparate Git repositories.

DevOps Automation to Accelerate & Optimize Your Infrastructure

Automate Orchestration

Eliminate manual work to configure across the IaC and Kubernetes resources your end users need.

Democratize Cloud Access

Empower developers to launch infrastructure pre-orchestrated and approved by DevOps on-demand.

Continuous Optimization

Detect configuration drift, automate operations, and set custom cloud governance policies across all infrastructure.

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Discovery & Orchestration

Eliminate the complex time-consuming orchestration across IaC and Kubernetes tools. Quali Torque discovers the resources in your Git repository so you can import configurations and automatically generate reusable definitions of complete environments consisting of everything needed to support your developers’ needs.

Developer Self-Service

Cut down on redundant ticket requests for frequently used infrastructure. Environments orchestrated via Quali Torque are reusable, allowing your DevOps admins to give end users role-based, self-service access to launch them as frequently as needed. Support for day-2 actions gives developers added flexibility to operate infrastructure without requiring DevOps intervention, while integrations allow them to access it within the operational toolset they prefer.

Cloud Policies as Code

Enforce guardrails for cloud configurations and infrastructure proactively. Quali Torque imports custom cloud governance policies defined in your Git repository–such as restrictions on specific cloud instance types, services, or expected cloud costs–and prohibits any deployments that violate those policies, giving your DevOps teams full assurance that everything deployed is in line with expectations.

Automate Operations for IaC

Prevent zombie infrastructure and reduce manual work for your DevOps and dev teams. Quali Torque allows DevOps teams to pre-schedule when cloud services should launch and teardown, providing infrastructure when your developers need it and eliminating the risk that they forget to shut them down.

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