DevOps Tools & Integrations for the DevOps Lifecycle

See how Quali Torque plugs into DevOps tools with integrations for CI/CD, Infrastructure as Code, Kubernetes, Internal Developer Platforms, and other technologies to support the entire DevOps lifecycle.

DevOps tools & integrations

Is Your DevOps Toolchain Holding Your Teams Back?

DevOps teams use a vast array of technologies to provision cloud resources, deploy application environments, and manage requests. Quali supports the ecosystem of DevOps tools to improve velocity and governance.

Leverage Your DevOps Automation Tools for Scale & Velocity

Reusable Environments

Import IaC modules directly from your Git repository to create a reusable definition of complete application environments that developers and testers can launch repeatedly.

Governed CI/CD Deployments

Accelerate your CI/CD pipeline with automated deployment of environments pre-configured to support each stage, while enabling DevOps to maintain and optimize configurations continuously.

Seamless Cloud Governance

Allow cloud deployments that align with your standards while denying activity that does not. Enforce custom policies for platforms and configurations, pre-schedule automated shutdown of cloud resources, and trigger notifications via ChatOps and ITSM.

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IaC Discovery & Orchestration

No need to learn a new coding language or build new IaC configuration modules. Quali Torque connects directly to your Git repository, imports the cloud configurations defined in IaC, and normalizes all cloud services to orchestrate a reusable template defining all the inputs, dependencies, and outputs for your unique application environments.

Orchestrate devops testing environments automatically


Allow developers and testers to deploy environments and operate cloud services within the guardrails set by DevOps. Integrate pre-configured environments to deploy within your CI/CD tool, empower developers to perform Day-2 actions on cloud services, and trigger notifications in ServiceNow when developers request activity that does not adhere to your cloud policies or operational standards.

deploy continuous testing environments for devops

Drift Detection & Updates

Respond to unexpected configuration changes or other updates to application environments proactively. Quali Torque monitors for drift and updates in your application environments and triggers notifications via ChatOps and ITSM so DevOps can pinpoint the update and reconcile in a single click.

drift detection for continuous devops testing environments

Auto-Tagging for FinOps

Prevent cloud cost reporting blind spots due to missing or inconsistent tags. Quali Torque automatically applies tags to all cloud resources your teams deploy based on a pick-list controlled by DevOps admins, eliminating the risk that developers forget to tag cloud services or use the incorrect spelling or format.

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