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Building the next big thing is what most developers care about, but often, they’re required to deal with bottlenecks in setting up the environments they need to do their work.   

Combining the power of CircleCI workflow orchestration with Quali Environment-as-a-Service, DevOps developers, engineers, and architects can trigger the dev/test environment on-demand directly from the CircleCI pipeline, enabling continuous testing workflows. 

  • Validate Application Performance on demand 
  • Application Release optimized for speed 
  • Run complex pipelines efficiently with sophisticated caching, docker layer caching, resource classes
  • Control Infrastructure Costs 
  • Provide self-service, full-stack Dev/Test environments 
  • Out-of-the-box pre-defined commands 
  • Configurations stored in human-readable format (in YAML) 

Workflow pipeline tools and platforms neatly complement each other. The workflow tool owns the higher-level orchestration, while dev/test/production environments are provided on-demand by the Environment as a Service platform. 

The Quali Torque Orb lets DevOps users trigger their environment on-demand using the CircleCI CI/CD pipeline tool. CircleCI users can easily update their CircleCI projects with Quali’s Environment-as-a-Service platform with out-of-the-box pre-defined commands. 

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