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So, How Does it Work?

Developer Productivity

Quali Torque connects to the Git repository to leverage the users’ existing Infrastructure as Code, Kubernetes, and other configuration resources and generate reusable blueprints for application environments. Developers can deploy environments based on those blueprints via Quali Torque’s secure self-service catalog and integrations with their preferred operational tools, while admins can monitor operations and receive notifications within their operational workflows.

Cloud Governance

Quali Torque allows admins to ensure all resources align with their configuration and operational standards regardless of which tool developers use to run them. Workflows automate deployment and termination of cloud resources based on customizable daily schedules, while policies deny the deployment of any cloud resource that violates standards set by admins.

Continuous Optimization

Since Quali Torque leverages the users’ existing resource configurations, the platform can monitor the state of the infrastructure within those blueprints and detect when conditions drift from the initial state or encounter other unexpected issues. AI-generated insights provide recommendations to help admins resolve issues rapidly.

drift detection for continuous devops testing environments

Real-Time Cloud Visibility

Quali Torque allows FinOps teams and engineering leaders to track real-time costs based on cloud deployments by team or function, with granular visibility into the resource configuration and environment owner.

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