Virtual Sales Demos and POCs

Accelerate your sales cycles with demo environments on demand

Deliver streamlined, secure, self-service access to sales demo/virtual POC environments while reducing cloud and infrastructure cost. Seamlessly launch from everywhere, including

Sales Demos Delivered On Demand

Technology sales leaders know that more technical sales demos lead to more revenue. So the quicker your busy sales engineers can access or set up realistic sales demo environments, the quicker you can close sales deals. Instead of waiting weeks or months, what if your remote sales team could get access to standardized sales demos or spin up POC environments in minutes, wherever they are?

Accelerate Your Sales Cycle
  • Slash your sales demo set up time by using a self-service catalog of environment blueprints
  • Capture new sales opportunities from more demos
  • Standardize your pre-sales evaluation demos
  • Host your sales demo and virtual POC environments remotely, in public clouds like Azure and AWS or on-prem. ​No cloud lock-in!​
  • Online provisioning of labs
  • Virtual IT lab that also works on-prem​
  • Launch sales demo environments directly from

Why Use Quali for Sales Demos and POCs?

22% faster sales cycles through virtual IT automation

Pre-sales evaluation demos are automatically decommissioned

Sales demo provisioning in 1 click, 24/7. No waiting!

“…The CloudShell platform allowed us to design complex, feature reach lab environments for demoing and training customers, partners, and users on our View product suite…CloudShell delivered all that while providing an out-of-the-box slick user interface which required little to no customization, and provides excellent user experience to our users…”

– Gartner Peer Insights Review

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