Terraform Automation Summit: Accelerate Orchestration & Management of Complex Environments

DevOps and IT teams often struggle to deliver and maintain complex application environments that consist of multiple Terraform resources—especially if they also require additional assets delivered via Kubernetes, Helm, or other tools.

The manual provisioning processes required to build these environments lead to lengthy delays for critical workflows and a lack of visibility into the cost, security, and quality implications of the infrastructure supporting them.

Watch the recording to learn how you can:

  • Automatically orchestrate the Terraform assets, Kubernetes manifests, and Helm Charts from your Git repositories into ready-to-run environments
  • Define custom policy-based thresholds to automate approval, denial, and notifications to review specific Terraform deployments
  • Automate code reviews and validate dependencies in configurations to enhance security posture and compliance policies
  • Forecast and understand costs from your Terraform infrastructure based on the application, team, or project that it supports