IaC Automation Summit: Accelerate Orchestration & Delivery of Complex Application Environments

DevOps teams that rely on Infrastructure as Code (IaC) tools like Terraform and AWS CloudFormation are finding that increasingly complex application environments are slowing down their processes.

Let’s say a developer needs an application environment that requires a database defined in Terraform, storage defined in CloudFormation, and Kubernetes resources defined in a Helm Chart.

The DevOps engineer responsible for fulfilling this request will need to build this environment manually across various tools in order to accommodate the differences between each of these configurations.

These types of requests can quickly take over the DevOps teams’ time, causing a bottleneck that delays access to infrastructure for developers and other end users.

Watch the recording to learn how you can leverage your existing IaC configurations to deliver complex environments faster by:

  • Automatically orchestrating the IaC and K8S resources from your Git repository into reusable templates for application environments
  • Distributing self-service access to these reusable environments with role-based permissions for the developers, testers, and other end users who need them
  • Monitoring your IaC configurations for drift or other unexpected changes to ensure all environments are up to date
  • Enforcing custom policies over your IaC configurations to keep cloud costs in control and mitigate security risks proactively

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