Your Complex Infrastructure, Delivered Faster & More Securely

Automation to simplify how you deliver and manage complex infrastructure–regardless of where it lives.

Do You Know What’s Running in Your Clouds?

Traditional approaches to provisioning infrastructure make it difficult to track, accelerate, and standardize cloud operations.

Infrastructure should be easier to build and use. With Quali, it is.

Understand Cloud Usage

Track and monitor cloud deployments in real-time, with granular visibility into cloud configurations, actively deployed resources, and cost accruals by team, application, and tag.

Boost Developer Productivity

Eliminate provisioning and access delays with reusable templates for application environments that your teams can deploy repeatedly via self-service and integrations with CI/CD.

Optimize Cloud Costs

Prevent waste proactively with custom policies to prohibit unapproved cloud configurations and terminate idle resources automatically.

Take a Closer Look to See How Quali Optimizes Cloud Operations

Environments as a Service

Accelerate developer productivity with reusable templates for your unique application environments. With support for Infrastructure as Code, Kubernetes, and infrastructure automation tools, Quali automatically orchestrates blueprints for environments that developers, testers, and other teams can deploy and update continuously.

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Infrastructure Automation

Make all your infrastructure scalable and reusable. Quali creates reusable definitions of your on-premises, private cloud, and hybrid cloud infrastructure so your teams don’t need to provision them manually every time they’re needed.

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Real-Time Visibility

Deploying your environments via Quali’s platforms gives you real-time visibility into cloud costs, idle resources, and configurations so you can understand productivity and budget utilization by the team responsible for it and the application it supports.

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Cloud Cost Optimization

Accelerate deployment of cloud infrastructure that meets your standards while denying activity that does not. Set custom policies to deny deployment of unapproved cloud resources and terminate cloud resources automatically once they’re no longer needed–empowering your teams to move fast while eliminating waste.

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