Evaluating alternatives to VMware Tanzu and vRealize Suite

June 10, 2024
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In the dynamic world of IT infrastructure and cloud management, VMware has long been a significant player, offering robust virtualization solutions.

However, with Broadcom’s acquisition of VMware, recent changes in product lineup, licensing, pricing models and partners┬áhas caused ripples in the industry, leading to frustration and concern among many customers.

The impact of the acquisition continues to make headline news as large organizations actively transition to alternative solutions. Even the likes of Dell, which had established a very close partnership with VMware, has terminated its distribution deal for VMware products.

We wrote this article to help VMware customers understand how Quali Torque can serve as an alternative to VMware Tanzu and vRealize Suite for scaling and optimizing the operation of cloud infrastructure.

VMware Product Changes Create a Skills Gap That Slows Productivity

VMware has updated its product portfolio with a focus on cloud-native technologies and Kubernetes integration.

While these updates aim to support modern application development, they also introduce increased complexity and the need for specialized skills to manage these environments.

This skills gap can create significant delays for work that relies on cloud-native environments. Even those with the skills to leverage these tools can become operational bottlenecks as they end up responsible for fulfilling all requests for these environments, and lose bandwidth to handle higher-priority work.

How VMware Licensing & Pricing Changes Create Risk

VMware has shifted from traditional perpetual licensing models to subscription-based licensing, which often results in higher long-term costs and more complex licensing management.

For long-time VMware customers who are accustomed to simpler models, these changes could introduce some unexpected new challenges and potentially offset the value delivered from their platforms.

VMware’s new pricing structure also reflects its focus on advanced cloud-native solutions. Although this aligns with the value these technologies provide, many customers have encountered higher costs as a result.

The complexity of pricing tiers and bundled services makes it more difficult to project and control expenses.

This combination of complexity and the long-term nature of financial commitments makes it more difficult to project and control expenses, creating operational strain and financial risk for those who continue using VMware tools.

Evaluating Quali Torque as an Alternative to VMware Products

VMware Tanzu vs. Quali Torque

  • VMware Tanzu: A comprehensive platform for modernizing applications and infrastructure, integrating Kubernetes and other cloud-native technologies. While those with extensive expertise in Kubernetes can benefit from this approach, the inherent complexity creates significant barriers for other users who rely on cloud-native resources, which limits its scope.
  • How Quali Torque Compares: Leveraging our users’ existing cloud-native tools and resources, Torque creates a developer-friendly experience that simplifies the orchestration and deployment of Kubernetes environments. Developers can simply find and run application environments without the need for expertise in Kubernetes or cloud-native technologies, while IT and DevOps teams can track and optimize those resources.

VMware vRealize Suite vs. Torque by Quali

  • VMware vRealize Suite: A powerful cloud management platform with tools for automation, operations, and log analytics. As an infrastructure-centric platform, VMware vRealize was designed for infrastructure experts and therefore requires in-depth knowledge of cloud infrastructure to implement and manage at scale.
  • How Quali Torque Compares: With an intuitive UI for developers, Quali Torque simplifies cloud management so IT and DevOps teams can democratize cloud access to the users who need to consume it. Security features like role-based access controls and multi-factor authentication ensure environments are secure and compliant, while governance policies and automated cloud cost savings recommendations optimize efficiency even as usage scales. This focus on ease of use and continuous governances streamlines IT operations by eliminating redundant manual work related to orchestrating, provisioning, and maintaining cloud infrastructure.

While VMware remains a significant player in IT infrastructure, these changes in products, licensing, and pricing present significant challenges that could diminish the value that customers had enjoyed previously.

As a developer-centric, infrastructure-agnostic platform, Quali Torque provides an alternative to VMware users looking to simplify the delivery and operation of cloud infrastructure.

To learn more, watch a brief demo of Quali Torque:

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