Eliminate Manual Provisioning for Your Complex Infrastructure

Today’s workloads often require infrastructure defined across disparate Infrastructure as Code and Kubernetes resources. Quali Torque leverages your existing IaC and Kubernetes resources to automate orchestration and ease the burden on your infrastructure teams.

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Don’t Let Manual Orchestration Slow Your Teams Down

Your most skilled infrastructure experts often end up inundated with redundant requests for complex infrastructure, creating a bottleneck that drags down productivity.

Accelerate Your Teams with Automated Orchestration

Automate Orchestration

Orchestrate infrastructure across your IaC and K8S resources into reusable assets that can be launched repeatedly.

Democratize Access

Give end users role-based self-service access to deploy pre-configure infrastructure on-demand as often as they need it.

Optimize Continuously

Detect configuration drift, enforce custom governance policies, and automate the lifecycle of your cloud infrastructure.

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Discover & Import

No need to train your teams on a new coding language or create new cloud configurations. Quali Torque connects to GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket, and other repository types to automatically discover and import all the assets your teams use today–including support for Terraform, AWS CloudFormation, Helm, and Kubernetes.

Orchestrate devops testing environments automatically

Orchestrate & Scale

Eliminate the need to manually orchestrate across IaC and Kubernetes assets. Quali Torque creates a new YAML defining all the infrastructure, services, dependencies and other components to support a unique use case–regardless of the tools used to define those components. Once built, that reusable YAML can be deployed repeatedly and updated over time, eliminating the need to orchestrate that environment ever again.

Distribute & Integrate

End users no longer need to submit a ticket every time they need infrastructure. Once admins orchestrate a new environment, end users can deploy as often as needed via Quali Torque’s self-service catalog or integrate environments within the CI/CD tools they prefer. Role-based access controls prevent any unauthorized modifications of configurations within the environment so admins can democratize access without the risk of shadow IT or outdated infrastructure.

Monitor & Optimize

Ensure all infrastructure your teams deploy is up to date and in line with your usage standards. Quali Torque automatically detects configuration drift in your IaC infrastructure, enforces custom policies to prohibit deployment of specific cloud infrastructure or configurations, and supports automated workflows to launch and terminate your cloud VMs based on a custom schedule.

drift detection for continuous devops testing environments

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