Quali Unveils a New Corporate Identity

At Quali, we believe that the world needs a new way to approach infrastructure. For too long, infrastructure teams have been burdened by the complexity of building and managing environments, controlling costs, and enforcing compliance standards across their organization.

The past couple of years have been a period of tremendous growth and change for Quali. Our infrastructure automation tools have generated a lot of interest for DevOps and Lab as a Service use cases across many different industry verticals.


We announced earlier this year a $54M round of funding to support our mission of making Quali’s name synonymous with Environments as a Service and infrastructure automation. In addition to rapidly growing our customer base, Quali has been expanding its team to bolster new product development, sales, support, marketing, and other key functions.

Now, we are proud to unveil our new brand vision for the company. We have worked tirelessly to re-tool our messaging, corporate branding, and visual identity to align with growth we expect in the coming years. In addition to updating our messaging and visual identity, Quali has launched a new website that strongly articulates the value and use cases for our infrastructure automation platforms.

Our two core platforms have also been renamed. Quali’s CloudShell (formerly CloudShell Pro) helps infrastructure teams rapidly deliver environments for dev, test, certification, support, demo, cyber security, and other use cases while enforcing compliance, maintaining governance, and controlling costs. And for application teams, Quali Torque (formerly Colony) delivers self-service environments built for DevOps that speed app development and delivery.

For the team at Quali, our new corporate identity is just the beginning of the story. The ability to deliver software with speed and safety at scale is more important to business success than ever before. Our mission is to unburden organizations from the obstacles associated with infrastructure to accelerate the complete development lifecycle at every level. Quali’s CloudShell and Torque platforms deliver unbound environments fostering creativity, innovation, and transformation, enabling organizations with the freedom to build the future, anywhere and everywhere.

We encourage you to get to know the new Quali and learn more about how CloudShell and Torque can improve your processes for building and delivering software more quickly and reliably with less effort than ever before. Click below to request a demo of Quali Torque to lean more.

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