Torque Talks: Leveraging Terraform & OpenTofu to create scalable Environments as Code

Even teams with advanced skills and expertise in Infrastructure as Code (IaC) often struggle to deliver and maintain application environments at scale.

Environments as Code (EaC) can alleviate these challenges by leveraging your existing IaC configurations to define all the resources, parameters, and dependencies needed to run and maintain functional dev, staging, testing, or production environments on-demand.

Join our next Torque Talk session on Tuesday, June 25th, to learn how to:

  • Import your existing Terraform, OpenTofu, and other IaC resources to generate Environments as Code templates automatically
  • Enhance developer experience with self-service access to provision environments based on this code without the need to set parameters or security credentials
  • Launch and update your environments by simply committing code in Git
  • Track and optimize performance and cloud costs for your Environments as Code to understand the users responsible for all activity

Our Torque Talk series provides the Quali community a chance to dive deep into a common platform engineering use case, see the latest functionality in Quali Torque in action, and submit questions for our experts to answer live on the call.

To reserve your spot, submit the form to the right.

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