AWS CloudFormation Summit: Scaling Your Cloud Resources Efficiently

While AWS CloudFormation is among the most widely used tools for configuring AWS cloud services, large teams often encounter issues with development, adoption, and management as they scale.

Whether you’re a CloudFormation expert, considering moving to AWS CDK, Terraform, or Crossplane, or just looking for a standardized way to manage AWS accounts at scale, our AWS CloudFormation Summit will show how you can scale your CloudFormation resources efficiently.

Watch the recording to see how you can:

  • Create secure self-service access to deploy environments based on your existing CloudFormation templates in minutes
  • Implement “one-click” ephemeral environments that leverage your CloudFormation templates and integrate with your CI/CD pipelines
  • Combine your CloudFormation templates with other Infrastructure as Code and container orchestration tools to create an “all-in-one” deployment model
  • Track real-time cloud activity and leverage governance policies to enforce role-based permissions, configuration standards, and automated termination of idle cloud resources

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