Quali Torque product updates for May 2024: GitOps, ArgoCD, & GenAI

June 6, 2024
10 min

Welcome to this month’s roundup of product enhancements for Quali Torque.

If you’re not familiar, Torque is a platform engineering tool that simplifies the orchestration and provisioning of cloud environments for use cases like software development, QA and testing, software demos, and others.

To see our latest product updates in action and submit questions about Torque to our team, join our next Torque Talk webinar session–focused on leveraging Terraform and OpenTofu to create scalable Environments as Code (EaC)–on Wednesday, June 25th:

Torque Talk Webinar: Leveraging Terraform & OpenTofu to create scalable Environments as Code

Here are this month’s updates: 

Seamless GitOps Capabilities for Environments as Code (EaC)

Earlier this year, we introduced our Environments as Code (EaC) functionality to help our users create, define, and maintain environments in a GitOps approach.

Since Torque automatically generates a YAML file defining an environment based on the IaC resources a user selects, the platform can enable those users to export and leverage these environments in their Git repository.

This enables our users to provision the entire environment—and push updates to any resource in the EaC file—by simply committing code in Git.

Torque’s latest update supercharges EaC by introducing seamless GitOps capabilities. When users simply add, remove, or modify environment resources directly in the environment file, and Torque automatically picks up and applies these changes.

This further removes the manual work required to maintain the application infrastructure supporting your environments.

Introducing the New ArgoCD UI

As part of our GitOps support, we’ve enhanced the developer experience for teams that leverage ArgoCD .

Torque now provides advanced deployment engines so users can connect their ArgoCD servers and increase visibility and management over those resources.

This makes it easier to monitor and optimize how your teams use application resources via ArgoCD.

Generative AI for Blueprint Descriptions

Torque provides a self-service developer portal to find and provision pre-configured application environments on demand. 

As part of the developer experience in Torque, each description can feature a detailed description to provide all information that developers need about an environment they run.

To make it easier for administrators to deliver that information, Torque’s new AI Assistant automatically generates a description for each environment based on its internal content.

This enhancement further streamlines the process of generating and sharing environment blueprints in Torque and eases the self-service consumption by the different consumers.

Advanced Input Regex Validation

To ensure consistency and precision with our powerful input regex validation, blueprint designers can now enforce specific regular expression patterns on user inputs within the environment launch form.

This feature helps to maintain organizational conventions effortlessly so our users can keep inputs clean and compliant.

Visit the Quali Torque Playground to Build & Run Sample Environments

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