What’s new with Quali Torque: Product updates for February 2024

March 26, 2024
10 min

Welcome to this month’s roundup of product enhancements for Quali Torque.

If you’re not familiar, Torque is a platform engineering tool that accelerates and simplifies the design, provisioning, and launch of cloud environments for use cases like software development, QA and testing, software demos, and others.

To see our latest product updates in action and submit questions about Torque to our team, join our live demo session on Wednesday, March 6:

Join our live demo: Building your cloud environment platform with Quali Torque

Here are this month’s updates:

Review & Approve Terraform Plan Before Applying

To help prevent unintended disruptions before initiating Terraform commands, Torque’s new capability to stop-before-apply/pause-after-plan for Terraform allows users to review and approve commands before they’re applied to actively running resources. Learn more here.

Create User Groups to Customize Roles & Enforce Policies

User Groups were designed to help administrators manage user access more easily while also aligning governance with the specific needs of the users they support.

Torque administrators can now create User Groups to specify roles, enforce policies, and sync SSO assignments from their Identity Provider with User Groups in Torque. Learn more here.

Early Enforcement for Consumption Policies

Torque policies deny the launch of environments with violations.

One common example is setting a limit on the number of cloud environments that a specific team can run simultaneously.

Early enforcement improves the user experience when encountering environments that violate these policies. For example, if an environment is already at its limit for concurrent environments, Torque can be configured to automatically remove it from the catalog or deny the attempt before the user spends time setting the duration, inputs, tags, and other details for the environment launch.

Built-in Actions for Amazon EKS

Torque’s new built-in actions for Amazon EKS enable users to optimize cloud costs more easily.

By clicking “Pause” on an EKS cluster in an active environment, the user can reduce the number of nodes in the cluster. Selecting “Resume” will reinstate the number of nodes in that cluster from before the pause.

This flexibility allows users to align resource consumption with actual needs, thereby reducing waste related to their environment usage.

Multiple Inputs & JSON Syntax Highlighting

In some cases, input values can be long or complex, comprise multiple lines, or represent an object (typically JSON).

We introduced the multiline input editor to provide the ability to edit complex input values with a small code editor, including JSON parsing and beautifying capabilities.

Update Grain to Terminate Failed Environments

Failed terminations of cloud resources can lead to wasted costs on the cloud bill, as environments continue to run even after users attempt to terminate them.

To help prevent this, Torque now enables users to update the cloud resource in an environment to ensure that the termination is successful.

This expands on additional functionality to identify and eliminate idle cloud resources, all of which is designed to improve efficiency for cloud environments deployed via Torque.

Join our live demo: Building your cloud environment platform with Quali Torque

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