Tame Complex Infrastructure with Environments as a Service

A major barrier to bringing your technology to market is provisioning complex environments on demand. Eliminate infrastructure bottlenecks with Quali’s end-to-end infrastructure automation platforms.

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Which Infrastructure Automation Platform is *Right for You?*

Which Infrastructure Automation Platform is Right for You?

Whether you’re bringing business-critical applications to market or certifying network equipment in a lab, Quali has what you need to deliver self-service access to complex environments while maintaining control.

DevOps &
Application Teams

Simplify, speed, and scale continuous infrastructure delivery of application-centric environments

Network, Security &
DevTest Engineers

Access sandbox environments in a way that’s repeatable, reliable, and scalable

End the *Infrustration™*

End the Infrustration™

Noun: [ in-fruh strey-shuhn ]

The state of being undermined by complex, overwrought infrastructure.

Delayed Innovation Cycles

Manual processes and long provisioning times delay time to market

Increased Risk Exposure

Shadow IT and the inability to enforce company policies increase security vulnerabilities

Unmanaged Expenses

Low visibility into resource utilization, idle resources, cloud zombies, and shadow IT increase expenses

Team Burnout

Cloud complexity, never-ending requests, and too many tools lead to team frustration
Unleash *Infrastructure Automation* at Scale
Unleash *Infrastructure Automation* at Scale
Unleash *Infrastructure Automation* at Scale

Unleash Infrastructure Automation at Scale

Only Quali delivers simple self-service, end-to-end infrastructure automation, and frictionless governance

Simple Self-Service

Scale delivery of environments to more than
700 K

End-to-end Infrastructure Automation

Deliver complex environments to global teams in under
5 min

Frictionless Governance

Reduce infrastructure costs by as much as
75 %


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“The ability to spin up sandboxes for hybrid cloud deployments with standardized environments and end-to-end visibility allows development and test teams to make the best use of on-prem and public cloud resources, simplify workflows and roll-out releases faster with higher quality.

Cisco DevOps Architect
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“Quali has significantly cut down our testing times by allowing us to create and modify complex sandbox environments with just a few simple clicks.”

Kaiser Permanente Network Architect
03 / 03

[Torque] is a great step forward to making DevOps truly effective because it gives tools like Jenkins the ability to deploy full-stack production-like environments on-demand. This makes it possible for DevOps teams to improve the speed of testing and release automation.

Kohsuke Kawaguchi Jenkins Founder and CTO

How Quali Works

Set Up

Connect your existing physical, virtual, and cloud infrastructure to Quali using plugins


Model your environment based on your compliance policies and approved technology


Deliver self-service access to automated environments with velocity and control

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