Spin Up Self-Service Application Environments for DevOps

A cloud agnostic way for environment orchestration from Dev to Production. Deliver simplified, self-service provisioning and control of multiple cloud environments, like AWS, Azure, or Kubernetes throughout your DevOps lifecycle.
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Setting up and sharing the application environments you need is a big challenge

Resource Consuming

Difficult to Troubleshoot

Hard to Scale


See how Environment as a Service accelerates, error proofs, and automates DevOps processes

Automate and control the application environments you need with CloudShell Colony

CI CD Automation

Environment as a Service for DevOps Automation:

  • Development, testing, and production
  • CI/CD pipelines
  • Deployment to production
  • Cloud agnostic environment orchestration

Out-of-the-box integrations with your favorite DevOps tools including TeamCity, Jenkins, Azure DevOps, GitHub, Bitbucket, Terraform, Artifactory and more.

“Antillion and Quali are working closely to integrate our orchestration system (LOEN) with Cloudshell to create a secure, agile, end-to-end DevOps collaboration platform to support the ongoing modernisation programmes within UK Ministry of Defence (MOD) and NATO"

- Alistair Bradbrook, co-founder at Antillion.”

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