The Fastest Way to Cyber Range​

Cyber Range On-Demand

Spin up your training and testing cyber range environments in under 1 minute

Setup and automatically tear-down isolated, complex IT environments repeatedly as part of your cyber training and testing solution.

Cyber Range​

Dynamic isolated environments are the weakest link in your cyber range solution

Difficult to train your security and IT staff in authentic, real-world environments

Time-consuming process to set up and tear-down complex IT environments

Costly consumption of physical and virtual infrastructure

Perfect for Red Team-Blue Team Simulations: Secure, self-service environments for cyber ranges in one click.


CloudShell Pro Cyber Range Features

  • Spin-up environments that authentically reproduce real-world environments including physical infrastructure such as ICS and IoT.
  • Model objects including legacy devices and protocols to create a true-to-life environment to support virtual pentest.
  • Perform powerful automation and orchestration to address complex workflows for exact replicas of production networks.
  • Provide reservation and scheduling to prevent resource hogging (physical or virtual).
  • Spin-down these environments in a time-bound manner to deliver efficiency and support save and restore operations for analysis.
  • Help train security, IT and regulatory staff on cyber security best practices, red-blue team exercises, drills and more with embedded LMS like Instructions.
  • Governance, analytics and reporting coupled with self-service capabilities for multi domain and role support.

“Setup complex IT environments that are isolated and can be automatically torn down and setup again and again after you completely contaminate and destroy them with every possible hack and cyber threat as part of your cyber training or testing”

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Fortune 50 US Bank

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Spin-up your training and testing Cyber Range environments in under 1 Minute.

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