Cloud Automation for DevOps Platforms​​

Balance Infrastructure Agility and Control in your DevOps Platform without breaking a sweat

Seamlessly connect cloud automation, cost control, and security into your platform, and make the power of Infrastructure as Code accessible to any user through self-service, even if they are not cloud experts.


Today, every business is a software business.And Teams across the Software Development lifecycle need application environments to support their development, test, and deployment-to-production.

Application environments require infrastructure. And sometimes data.

To reap the benefits of infrastructure-as-code, multiple tools and platforms must be pieced together and whatever is missing will need to be created, which is resource intensive, difficult to troubleshoot, hard to scale, and full of hidden costs.

Providing environments to distributed teams presents an even bigger challenge in achieving scalable DevOps…

CloudShell Colony is an environment as a service solution that streamlines the provisioning and deployment of complex application environments on your cloud; enabling environments at scale.

CloudShell Colony offers out-of-the box integration with common DevOps and CI/CD tools and helps you unlock the value of your existing assets

Dev and test teams can use a self-service catalog of reusable environment blueprints — to launch any environment they need – already provisioned and deployed – with just one click

CloudShell Colony gives quick access to your applications. In case of errors it provides a convenient and easy debugging experience so you can see all the logs in one place.

When environments are no longer needed, CloudShell Colony tears down all cloud resources and stops unnecessary public cloud costs.

Achieve Environments at scale by simplifying environment provisioning and deployment throughout the development and release pipeline —

From secure dev environments —
to supporting state-of-the-art deployment-to- production strategies like blue-green,
while controlling user access and environment cost, without compromising security and compliance.


Your Cloud.
Your Choice.

Your Cloud.
Your Choice.

Cloud Automation


More reusable automation

DevOps Governance
& Cost Control


Consistently tagged &
auto-decommissioned resources

Simple Self-Service


Faster on boarding of teams

Quali’s Cloud Sandbox Software is a great step forward to making DevOps truly effective because it gives tools like Jenkins the ability to deploy full-stack production-like environments on-demand. This makes it possible for DevOps teams to improve the speed of testing and release automation.

Kohsuke Kawaguchi,
Jenkins Founder and CTO at CloudBees

Antillion and Quali are working closely to integrate our orchestration system (LOEN) with Cloudshell to create a secure, agile, end-to-end DevOps collaboration platform to support the ongoing modernisation programmes within UK Ministry of Defence (MOD) and NATO.​

Alistair Bradbrook,
Co-founder at Antillion​

Simple. Secure. Scalable.
Self-Service DevOps Environments.

Got Terraform?
Take it to new heights.

Terraform. Good for Day 1 Infrastructure Automation provisioning.​

  • Terraform is a good stepping stone to Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC) workflows which provision infrastructure automatically. ​
  • Beyond those first few development teams, you will need to scale your DevOps platform. This is where CloudShell Colony helps.

CloudShell Colony. Perfect for Day 2 Infrastructure Automation at Scale.​

  • Use pre-built plugins to connect to your DevOps components including IaC like Terraform, CI/CD, source control, artifact repositories, monitoring, and more​
  • Control your infrastructure by providing self-service and governance to team members even if they have no infrastructure automation or coding expertise​
  • Easily maintain and grow infrastructure automation in your DevOps platform with enterprise grade SLAs and support​

Request a Demo of Colony’s
Terraform Integration ​

Three Logos of Cloud Automation

Getting started with EKS or AKS?
Doesn’t have to be painful.

Getting started with EKS or AKS?​

  • If you want to start using Kubernetes, EKS or AKS are good choices for a fully managed Kubernetes service that saves you the trouble of installing and operating your own Kubernetes control plane and worker nodes. ​
  • With a hosted Kubernetes service, the cloud provider handles critical tasks like health monitoring and maintenance for you. Using such services reduces the complexity and overhead of operating Kubernetes, but it still leaves a lot of work to you, especially when you are trying to build a DevOps platform. ​
  • If you want all the pieces to connect seamlessly, CloudShell Colony integrates with both AKS and EKS and provides a consistent end-user experience for containerized and non-containerized cloud infrastructure.​
  • It makes experimenting with EKS and/or AKS easier, with built-in self-service and governance and a consistent interface to your CI/CD pipeline. CloudShell Colony helps you provide teams high level of autonomy even without Kubernetes or Infrastructure as Code expertise – and lets them focus on fast development of applications.

Contact an EKS/AKS
Automation Specialist​

SWIPE RIGHT! Cloud Automation:
Value Stream Optimization from Dev to Production

API integration with your CI/CD pipeline tools for end to end DevOps automation. OOB plug-ins provide seamless
integration with your CI/CD pipeline tool, for reliable and secure production-like environments all the way from CI to CD.

A diagram showing the process of cloud automationA Diagram showing the power of cloud automation

Simple Self-service Your Way

Launch scripting-free automation via intuitive UI,
your CI/CD tools, or ChatOps
1 touch self service of Cloud Automation

Self-Service UI

No Touch Cloud automation

No-Touch CI/CD
tool integration


DevOps Cloud Governance: Out of the Box Guardrails


Cloud Access Control


Dynamically Supporting
Security Needs


Auto-tagging of cloud resources
of environments

Results across your organization

Developers, Testers, Support


  • Immediate access to application environments

  • Self-service one click environments

  • Support shift left and shift right testing strategies​​


  • Productivity

  • Reduced effort levels

  • Focus on the Dev/Test/Support rather than on infrastructure and applications setup

DevOps/ SRE Teams​


  • Offer Self Service environments across the organization

  • Accelerate dev to ops cycles / Accelerated Innovation Cycle

  • Easy to maintain and troubleshoot environments

  • Support state-of-the-art deployment-to-production-strategies like blue-green

  • Scale


  • Productivity

  • Reduced effort levels

  • Product Time To Market / Release faster

CIO/ IT Director


  • Eliminate infrastructure sprawl and chaos

  • RBAC & Security

  • Multi-cloud. No technology lock in

  • Agility with governance


  • Lower infrastructure cost

  • Lower IT support cost

  • Lower security risk

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