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Hybrid cloud infrastructure is a necessity for testing real-world applications. Unfortunately, implementing your business-critical applications on a hybrid cloud is complex and messy due to, Cloud security concerns of Time-consuming manual set-up requirements of Low visibility into costs and cloud consumption.

CloudShell Pro is an environment as a service solution that accelerates and simplies environment provisioning by enabling teams to create self-service, on-demand replicas of full-stack infrastructure environments for hybrid cloud conguration in just one click.

With CloudShell Pro, you can:

  • Automate the set-up and tear-down of complex hybrid cloud environments
  • Provide role-based access to environment blueprints
  • Control cloud-costs.

Using CloudShell Pro, you can:

Model complex infrastructure and application environments using the drag and drop blueprint creator to combine physical and virtual infrastructure, network connectivity, applications, and cloud interfaces like Azure and AWS. Once the blueprint is created, it can be shared in a self-service catalog and reserved by your teams to automatically spin-up the environment on-demand. When the environment is no longer needed, or the reservation time expires, the environment is automatically torn-down to prevent excessive cloud spend. Role-based access controls govern what blueprints a user can access, how long the blueprint can be reserved by that users, as well as provides an audit trail of who used what resource and for how long. Authorized users can also remotely connect to virtual machines using RDP and SSH without having to share passwords. With built-in lab automation and cloud management features, like inventory, reservations, scheduling, role-based access control, conflict resolutions, and business intelligence, you can get a holistic, single-pane of glass view into your cloud usage, spend, as well as see trends.

Using CloudShell Pro, you can deliver complex test lab environments to achieve Environment as a service and:

  • Speed time to market up to 50% faster by automating the set-up and tear-down of complex hybrid cloud environments
  • Lift productivity by 10-25% by providing role-based access to environment blueprints
  • Attain 3-5x ROI with better control of cloud costs

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Scale and Cost

  • Support multi-cloud and legacy infrastructure

  • Reduce OPEX and CAPEX consolidating labs and pooling resources

  • Control cloud costs with environment automatic decommissioning and auto-tagging of cloud resources

  • Support broad organizational needs with an entperise grade product


  • Focus on innovation and not on gluing tools together

  • Provide remote access for globally distributed teams

  • Don’t compromize on security and auditability for innovation speed

  • Provide self-service  guardailed by policies


  • Accelerate Application delivery with on-demand environments that seamlessly connect to automated pipelines

  • Modernize legacy workflows and reduce bottlenecks without breaking your processes

  • Make smart reuse of environment provisioning for automated and manual tasks, from PoC to Dev/Test to production


Application teams experience delays and lost productivity waiting on IT


Application teams now receive on-demand access to the environments they need at scale and
with enforced policies, cost control and RBAC

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