The Fastest Way to Automate Dev Test Labs

Lab as a Service: Slash your Dev Test lab infrastructure cost by 61%.

Lab automation and orchestration.

Sandbox IT: Simple, secure, self-service automation and orchestration to provision infrastructure environments in minutes, not months – for remote labs or on-prem.

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Quali presents Lab as a Service.


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If you’re responsible for managing IT infrastructure and labs, you struggle to provide more agile service and superior user experience to your global teams without losing control of costs and security. You’re under pressure from your internal customers to be agile and deliver more services in an increasingly complex environment, and your management wants you to provide all of this while reducing operating expenses and capital costs. This is even more difficult when your workforce is distributed, working in silos and using antiquated or manual processes that are error prone and time consuming. On top of that, you need to ensure compliance standards and security policies are enforced from dev to production. What if you could enable access to lab and cloud resources to any user at any time from anywhere to support development and testing of network and applications and certifying new equipment prior to release to production?


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CloudShell Pro is an open software platform that helps you automate environment setup and tear down. This enables your globally distributed teams to gain access to self-service, full stack infrastructure environments in just one click. Providing superior visibility into resource usage, eliminating conflicts over resources, helping you maximize lab assets, and supporting your lab consolidation. Enable Lab as a Service with CloudShell Pro and accelerate innovation. Reduce Opex spending and increase productivity. Improve resource utilization while reducing Capex and ensure critical security controls are consistently adhered to. Visit to learn more about Lab as a Service with CloudShell Pro.


Network Dev Test Lab as a Service

Lab as a Service software is the key to cutting millions of dollars in annual Opex and Capex from your network and security Dev Test environments.

Transform and consolidate your Dev Test labs to a cloud using sandbox IT where users receive self-service, on-demand remote access to lab resources, and share lab environments. Instead of waiting weeks or months, what if your dev, test, and security teams could get access to standardized sandbox IT environments in minutes wherever there are?

Results across your organization

Dev Test Lab User


  • Slashed wait time for equipment

  • No need to hoard infrastructure

  • Automated configuration of complex environment

  • 24/7 Self-service, sandbox IT environments for remote teams​

  • Remote lab access​


  • Productivity

  • Reduced effort level

  • Focus on dev and test rather than the setup

Dev Test Lab Manager


  • Higher utilization of existing equipment

  • Faster dev/ test cycles with existing teams, facilities, and budgets

  • Turn your lab from a cost center to innovation enabler

  • Supports remote collaboration


  • Reduced CAPEX (purchase less equipment)

  • Reduced OPEX (less equipment to maintain, install, wire, power, cooling, real estate)

  • Reduced effort setting environments up

  • 5G Lab as a Service



  • Innovation and agility

  • Consolidation

  • Security and Compliance

  • Eliminate sprawl and rogue behavior

  • Business continuity/remote workplace strategy


  • Lower infrastructure and operational costs

  • Lower IT support cost

  • Lower security risk

See for yourself how we can help you reduce CapEx & OpEx

Lab as a Service ROI Calculator

Poor network lab utilization

Dev and Test Labs are too slow and too costly

Hardware and network equipment lab managers struggle to share dev and test equipment, causing

  • Long wait times
  • Poor lab utilization
  • High costs

Use Lab as a Service (LaaS) for

  • ​​Lab consolidation
  • Data Center Consolidation
  • Network test labs
  • Network security testing
  • Equipment test labs
  • Mobile test labs
  • 5G Dev/Test labs
  • Automatically spin up VMs and manage VM costs and utilization

Optimize network test lab efficiency. Lab as a Service (LaaS) from Quali

Optimize network test lab efficiency. Lab as a Service (LaaS) from Quali

CloudShell Pro delivers

  • Self-service, on-demand test environments, anytime, anywhere
  • Maximized lab asset utilization
  • Consolidated labs/ Federated labs
  • Automated environment allocation and configuration
  • Lights-out datacenter/automated IT labs with remote lab access
  • 5G Lab as a Service

See how Infrastructure Automation can transform your Dev Test Lab to a Virtual Dev Test Lab

CloudShell Pro Accelerates and Simplifies Your Lab with infrastructure orchestration.

Finally, lab software that works more like Netflix™. Efficiently select what’s next from your self-service catalog with an intuitive interface. Start it up right away. Quickly move on to doing actual developing and testing-imagine that!


“Quali Systems helped transform the way we provision cloud resources for our business units, slick and effective user experience which led to quick adoption rate and multitude of valuable use-cases.”

– Manufacturing industry, Global IT Director

“The ability to spin up sandboxes for Hybrid cloud deployments with the standardized environment and end-to-end visibility can allow development and test teams to make the best use of on-premise and public cloud resources, simplify workloads and roll-out releases faster and with higher quality.”

– Cisco, DevOps and IT Architect

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