The Fastest Way to Software as a Service​​

Single Tenant SAAS

Host environments for your customers in the public cloud

  • Control costs
  • Avoid product development delays
  • Minimize risks
  • Accelerate your time to market without investing years in adding multi-tenant capabilities
Single Tenant SaaS Software

What if you could offer your single tenant software as a SaaS without the delays, risks and engineering costs of a typical software product development effort?

Results across your organization

Product Managers


  • Offer a SaaS product without months of development and engineering expense​

  • Single code base for on-prem and cloud versions​


  • Faster time to market​​

  • Lower product development/ engineering investment​



  • SaaS/ MRR/ ARR business model without delay

  • Instantly catch up to or beat competition to market with SaaS offering​


  • Increased revenue

  • SaaS/ ARR market valuation​

  • Fast competitive advantage​



  • Offer same on-prem/ single tenant product benefits without burdening customers with hosting, upgrades, patches​​

  • Sell your product as a service while shielding customers from risk and hassle​​


  • Increased revenue from new product line​​

  • Shorter sales cycles based on SaaS model​​​

Your customers are asking you to offer your product as SaaS…
  • They want you to host it
  • They want you to administer and monitor it
  • They want you to install upgrades and patches
  • Just like your competition does
…but your product is single-tenant
  • You built your product to be installed and administered by customers
  • Developing multi-tenant capabilities could take a year or two, heavily burden your engineering, and cost a fortune

Your single tenant application as SaaS in 3 easy steps

Steps to implementing your single tenant SaaS software

The Benefits of Replatforming


Don’t wait for two years before you can introduce a SaaS offering to the market


Serve customers both on-prem and in the cloud with the same code base


Avoid error prone manual processes with standardized and reusable automation


Control access, costs and security and assure compliance



Blueprint customer environment for automated setup and upgrades


Access and manage customers’ environments via a portal


Stay in control of access, cost and security

Public Cloud

Best of both worlds: Benefits of multi-tenancy and single tenancy


Visual interface for self-service Ops access

A friendly UI for secured role-based access to customer environments

Automated customer environment upgrade

Built-in automated upgrade of customer environments that can be triggered from the UI or as part of your CI/CD pipeline

Full CI/CD integration

Test and upgrade propagation to customer environments from your CI/CD pipeline with out-of-box plug-ins to Jenkins, Team City, Azure DevOps and more


One-click validation before deployment

Automatically setup and validate a sandbox environment with the same blueprint before deploying to production

One-click reproduction of issues

Easily reproduce issues outside the customer environment with the same blueprint, at the click of a button

Logging, Monitoring and Analytics in blueprint

Monitoring, logging and analytics of choice in the blueprint as a standard components in every customer environment


Single-Tenant Security

Complete separation between customer environments with true single tenancy that can be managed

Environment Cost Tracking

Cloud provider cost tracking for complete control of each customer environment

Licensing Flexibility

Ability to adopt innovative and flexible licensing options and business models with no multi-tenancy constraints

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