Software Test Environment Management

Release software to production faster with sandbox test environments as a service

  • Build reliable test environments as a foundation for test automation.
  • Automate provisioning of your complex software test environments on your hybrid infrastructure.
  • Simplify sandbox testing. Non-experts easily set up test environments on demand.
  • Trust your software testing because it is based on your complex Production environments.
  • Support TestOps, shift-left testing, and shift-right testing strategies for better real-world performance and availability in Production.
  • Access test environments remotely in the virtual workplace.​



Click test environment provisioning
for coders and non-coders

Governance & Cost Control


Automatic decomissioning
of sandbox environments

Simple Self-Service


Faster test environment

Quali’s Environment-as-a-Service make provisioning of VM and container-based blueprints for ephemeral test environments fast, easy, and secure. Using Quali in a CircleCI pipeline allows for sophisticated application infrastructure automation all the way to production, and we are proud to be working with them as a partner to provide this capability to our shared customers.”

Tom Trahan,
VP Business Development Circle CI

…Now, our developers can use a Slack integration that we built to reserve the dynamic application environments they need for testing all without the need for our DevOps teams to disclose sensitive passwords. This has resulted in reduced time to market, more productivity, and better visibility into our cloud usage…

Pavel Eliav,
Head of DevOps Resident

…Quali’s Cloud Sandbox Software is a great step forward to making DevOps truly effective because it gives tools like Jenkins the ability to deploy full-stack production-like environments on-demand. This makes it possible for DevOps teams to improve the speed of testing and release automation…

Kohsuke Kawaguchi, Jenkins
Founder and CTO CloudBees

…Quali has significantly cut down our testing times by allowing us to create and modify complex sandbox environments with just a few simple clicks”

Kaiser Permanente

Can we release our software yet?

Going live with your software requires trusting that you are Production-ready. And that means trusting your software testing whether it’s in your physical or virtual environments. Trustworthy software testing requires high-quality test environments that are based on your latest Production environments. Now you can automate your test environment set up and tear down. And your distributed teams can access test environments remotely. ​

No more guessing games because your Staging looks just like Production.

Release software with confidence using sandbox testing!​

Test Cycle comparisons for test environments and test automations

“Automate” your Test Automation

Test automation software is great but it is only part of the solution. You first need to set up your test environments. Provisioning that sandbox for testing takes a lot of time and complexity and it usually requires hard-to-hire expertise. That’s why Test Environment as a Service is a game changer. Two options to accelerate your testing:​

Fast, 1-Click Environments: Even non-experts can quickly and easily set up Production-like test environments in minutes using an intuitive interface.

Faster, No-click Environments: Quali’s CloudShell platform integrates directly (Rest API) with your favorite test software and services including SmartBear, Tricentis, and Eggplant. Your test environments are set up automatically with a call from your testing solution.

Results across your organization

QA Engineer


  • Reliable test environments

  • Efficiency: No more test environment set up hassles

  • Simple, self-service test environments

  • Remote test environment access​

  • Support shift left and shift right testing strategies​​


  • Productivity

  • Reduced effort

  • Focus on testing rather than setup

Test Manager


  • Increase reusability and scalability

  • Ability to test in your test lab or
    in the public cloud

  • Empower non-experts to access dynamic test environments

  • Be an enabler of faster, quality releases

  • Supports remote collaboration​


  • Productivity

  • Reduced effort



  • Innovation and agility

  • Higher quality releases

  • Eliminate manual inefficiencies

  • Business continuity/remote workplace strategy​


  • Faster and higher quality software releases

  • Control infrastructure cost and security

  • Unlock the value of your test automation investment

What is Test Environment Management (TEM)?

Test environments are the foundation of your testing. The right infrastructure, with the right applications and 3rd party components on it, with the right data – are critical for any testing activity, manual or automated. With increasing automation levels, the reliability and stability of test environments becomes critical, and providing access to test environments in a timely manner has a direct impact on your innovation speed and time to market.

Yet test environments are often the weakest link in your quality strategy. Here’s why…

  • Manual, inefficient and lengthy
  • Error Prone
  • Infrastructure and configuration issues fail tests
  • Difficult to troubleshoot and reproduce
  • Lack of ownership
  • Lack of governance

While virtualization and public cloud open new opportunities for expanding your test environments, they also present new challenges, security and cost concerns as you address on-prem, hybrid cloud and public cloud workloads.

The Path to Continuous Testing and DevOps


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