Deliver Application and Infrastructure Environments On-Demand

Why Quali

Delivering complex application and infrastructure environments that your end users need to drive innovation, increase revenue, and improve quality can take days or weeks to provision—resulting in shadow IT strategies, lost revenue, and delayed deliverables.

Quali’s award-winning Environment as a Service solution automates the provisioning of infrastructure
and application environments to help business develop, test, deploy, and demo on-demand.

Speed Innovation

Accelerate your time to market by removing the bottlenecks of provisioning complex application and infrastructure environments on-demand

Gain Control

Reduce shadow IT practices and gain control of costs and security of your infrastructure using policy-based, traceable environments.

Increase Productivity

Eliminate the provisioning bottleneck by empowering your users, wherever they are, to access your standardized environments in just one click.

The Quali Difference

1. First-class Environments

Our approach to treat application and infrastructure environments as a first-class citizen makes it easier for you
to manage the lifecycle, provision and decommission, enforce polices, control costs, and more.

2. Modular Blueprint-based Automation

Leveraging CloudShell Pro’s open source extensibility, you can utilize community-built shells or develop
your own to model full-stack, cloud-agnostic, hybrid environment blueprints and share those blueprints
to enable self-service automated provisioning.

3. Business-centric Focus

Future-proof your technology and map each environment’ use to a business need.

How It Works

1. Set Up

Connect to infrastructure-public cloud providers | data centers | physical labs

2. Blueprint

Model your environment to the business need and for reuse

3. Environments at ScaleTM

Launch environments from
a self-service UI, ChatOps,
or from the CI/CD pipeline

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