CloudShell Lab-as-a-Service

Deliver Physical and Virtual Lab Environments On-Demand

Your lab environment is the heart of innovation for your company. An efficient lab environment can make your Dev, Test, Support, Sales, Network, and Security teams more productive and allow you to deliver better solutions much faster.

CloudShell: The Leading LaaS Solution

CloudShell: The Leading LaaS Solution

CloudShell eliminates the challenges of traditional labs and brings cloud-like efficiency, automation, global on-demand access, and cost savings allowing your labs to become strategic centers of innovation. Listen to the webinar to hear how to bring cloud-like self-service agility to your dev/test Lab.

CloudShell LaaS Benefits

  • Eliminate Resource Hogging

  • Scale Lab Access to Thousands of Users

  • Dramatically Reduce Configuration and Setup Times

  • Handle More Complexity with Networking, Test Equipment, and Layer 1 Switching

  • Increase Efficiency, Reduce Costly Duplicated Equipment

  • Support Virtual and Cloud Resources alongside Physical

Ready to Transform Your Lab?

Ready to Transform Your Lab?

Let us show you how CloudShell's intelligent automation, self-service, and on-demand environments can turn your lab into an efficient IaaS private cloud that will massively increase efficiency and dramatically reduce costs.